dispenser problems

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    GFE29HSDASS Dispenser does not deliver water, ice or even turn on the light

    Hello Everyone and Thanks for your help! A little history as I do not know what may be relevant... My Side by Side ice dispenser has been acting up for about six months now. By that I mean that occasionally, I have had to dump the ice from the bucket and remove a clump. This last time, there...
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    Ice dispenser Kenmore Elite

    I am having a problem with the Ice Dispensing mechanism on a Kenmore Elite. The freezer is making ice, but it is not being dispensed through the door. When I push the lever to dispense ice it is making a chunk-a-chunk type sound. Water still dispenses. Something is trying to turn, but it is not...
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    GE Profile Artica Water Dispenser Not Dispensing

    This is a 2006/7 fridge. Last week my water dispenser stopped working. I took out the drawers and noticed the Water Tank sprang a leak. I ordered the part and replaced it today. It has filled up and there is water going to the door but no water is coming out. I double checked the connections...
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    Frigidaire ice auger

    First, thank you for having such a forum. My problem arose when attempting repair of my refrigerator. Initially the problem was that the water supply tube to my icemaker had frozen. I read your forum and determined the problem to be the water valve. I ordered the valve and a replacement...
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    Makes ice fine but stopped dispensing water or ice

    I have a side by side, indoor ice maker. Makes ice wonderfully, but stopped dispensing water and ice through the door. No motor turning or any other obvious mechanical noise. Everything else is functional. I replaced the water filter and it had no impact. Thanks for any help!
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    Whirlpool gold side by side will not dispense. locked

    in door dispenser is showing locked and check filter. will not unlock or filter reset. will not dispense. as far as I can tell the pads "buttons" click when they are pushed and have no response. I have disassembled down to a "control board" and believe this to be the issue. any help or part no.s?
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    Side-by-side with no lights on front panel and ice/water dispensers not working

    As the title says, my side-by-side front dispenser does not light up nor will it dispense water or ice. It does continue to make ice, and the interior lights operate when the door is open. I recall have this problem a couple of years ago, unfortunately I don't recall how it was fixed. Must...
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    Maytag French Door Icemaker, maker is working but not dispensing

    I have a maytag french door refrigerator. The icemaker makes ice just fine but will not dispense it out the door. I have checked all the obvious things ie jammed cubes, not being pushed in all the way. It seems that the mechanism in the mack of the fridge that turns the little arm inside the...
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    Water dispenser/ice maker not working, water filter is stuck

    We bought this Amana fridge used several years ago and were told that it was fully functional. Our apartment at the time didn't have a water line going to a fridge, so we left it disconnected for about 2 years. Now that we are trying to connect the water again nothing is working. - The water...
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    heat under dispenser tray - whirpool

    Hello, I have a side by side Whirpool fridge/freezer model# gd22dfxfw01. It is very hot under the dispenser tray to the touch. We noticed this in last couple of months but the heat was never there before as we regularly take the tray out to clean it. Other than that, fridge works fine. We...
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    FIXED Ice/Water Dispenser stopped working; Dispenser Light stays on

    Have Maytag Plus side-by-side with in-door dispenser (#MSD2456GE). Filled glass with ice and water then tried to fill another glass. Dispenser light began to flash. Pushed ice & water buttons again and light stopped flashing but will not turn off and dispenser will not work. Have tried the...
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    GE Profile Arctica Not Dispensing Ice, Will Dispense Water | S/N: GL443473

    I just moved into a condo I purchased and, during inspection, the refrigerator's ice dispenser worked fine. I went to fill a glass with ice this morning, it made a noise for a while but nothing came out. Then pulled the ice tray out thinking it was stuck - no ice clumps, plenty of ice. Put...
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    Dispenser Door won't stay shut

    It's a Kenmore Elite Ultra wash dishwasher, model 665.13412K701. The rotating lever that holds the soap dispenser door shut has come loose; it just slides out of the slot where the pin (attached to the lever) goes into the dispenser. The spring action of the soap door will pull it out, so...
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    woke up to a flood, now dispenser doesn't work

    Model number - MSD2354ARW Serial number - 11162449UM Water dispenser ran for who knows how long during the night. Unplugged frig to stop the flow, plugged back in and dispenser panel only lights up above crushed ice button. Took it all apart and nothing looks fried or loose. Looking for...
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    Both: Ice maker and water dispenser slow drip

    Hello, I have a 5 yr. old Maytag side-by-side. The ice maker is fine only IF it is constantly harvesting; but if the bin gets full of ice and is no longer making ice, the slow drip builds a solid path of ice from the last cube in the tray, and works its way back up to the fill cup, and then...
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    No Ice Dispense/Freezer Cuts off

    Hello, When I hit the dipense ice lever, the freezer cuts off (but comes back on when I release the dispenser toggle), and nothing happens (no ice is dispensed). Also, if I turn on the light above the dispenser, the freezer kicks off. It will only come back on if I turn off the light. I...
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    Hotpoint HSM25GFRESA/Dispenser Issues

    I called GE today and they told me I need a solenoid, my ice maker works fine, full bin, my dispenser works when it feels like it...same issues as another person in here. Light will dim and nothing will happen no noise...but then if I jiggle the bin SOMETIMES it will work but 90% of the time it...