1. S

    PSC23SGMDBS GE water dispenser leaking internal

    I have water pouring slowly from my water dispenser, but only when water is being dispensed (hence why I dont believe its the common fill valve issue). The water actually appears to be coming from behind the dispenser, external to the hose where it penetrates the edge of the funnel. Whats...
  2. C

    FIXED KSRS25IKBL03 - Ice wont dispense. Ice bucket must be pushed down to dispense.

    So it all started when I took the ice maker out a day or two ago because I needed to clean everything on the inside due to an exploding can of soda. Put it all back in as I have many times when removing the ice bucket and now the spinning motor no longer is able to push the ice out. Ice maker...
  3. S

    Maytag Refrigerator MFI2569YEM0 water dispenser light not working

    I have an 8 year old Maytag French door bottom freezer refrigerator. The dispenser light quit working. I have checked all wiring connections at the top of the door hinge - they all appear to be tight. I have cleaned the entire dispenser area with white vinegar and a tooth brush - there was...
  4. R

    FIXED FGHS2631PF3 water dispenser paddle gets stuck on

    When our water dispenser paddle gets pushed in, water comes on but when you pull your glass away water keeps pouring. You have to pull the paddle back toward you with your hand to make the water flow stop. Which part do I need to fix this? thanks
  5. me_rubin

    FIXED 665.12793K311 Dishes Not Clean Soap comes out early at beginning of cycle

    Model 665.12793K311 Serial F44522380 Kenmore Elite Dishwasher5 years old. I looked up this problem in the forums and it seems I might be in for a new control board. It started with an issue where the dishes were dirty and the soap was laying at the bottom of the dishwasher still intact. We...
  6. B

    GSE25HGHBHBB water dispenser problems (GE side by side), using MWF filter

    On this GSE25HGHBHBB refrigerator, about 3 years old, I have changed the water filter every 6 months as required. After the latest filter change, the water began coming out slowly in the following fashion: when depressing the water dispenser button, the water comes out slower than on the last...
  7. B

    WRF989SDAM Whirlpool gold ice and water dispenser not working

    Ice and water dispenser stopped working. I ran service test 16 and 17. Service test 16 indicates that the refrigerator compartment door is open and service test 17 indicates the freezer compartment door is open when doors are actually closed. lights inside of refrigerator and freezer...
  8. 4

    FIXED DU1145XTPQ0 Whirlpool Quiet Partner II Dishwasher soap dispenser not opening all the way

    Hello. I have a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher. The soap dispenser lid unlatches, but the soap doesn't get dispensed. Is the soap dispenser lid supposed to have a spring that pops it open all the way? I don't see any evidence of a spring. I don't see a spring part online either. The...
  9. H

    PFE28RSHSS GE Profile Fridge Dispensing Water Alone at Random

    Less than 3 years old, just started dispensing water alone...Flooded the kitchen! It has an "auto fill" setting, and it looked like it just decided to dispense 128 ounces of water. That was on the LCD screen when I got home. So either my fridge is possessed, or there is an issue here? Just...
  10. A

    PSS26SGPASS GE Through Door Ice/Water not working

    I have a GE PSS26SGPASS. Several years ago I replaced the main control board and front door dispenser board to try and get water or ice through the door. Never got it to work, and it's back on my list again. The ice cube maker works, and solenoids work fine (when 120VAC applied - no voltage to...
  11. R

    ESS25LSRCSS My Fridge Ice make isn't dispensing

    So when I go to dispense ice, I can hear the door flap open, but no other sounds. The water works fine, and the ice maker works fine. I thought it might be the auger motor, so replaced it. I still have the same result, neither regular or crushed come out. I'm not sure what other piece could...
  12. R

    795.51079011 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water / Ice Dispenser

    We have been fighting with our water/ice dispenser for a few months. The water dispenser does not work but the ice maker will work occasionally. Last month I thawed the bladder with a hair dryer and the dispenser worked for a few days. Recently that has failed. I also replaced the mother...
  13. E

    ACD2234KRS Water Dispenser and Weird Clicking noise

    The side by side refrigerator we bought in 2006 has worked relatively well for many years. I'd say for the last 5 or 6 years though every once in a while it makes this loud noise that sounds like an electrical woodpecker of some kind lives in the fridge. It lasts for less than a minute and...
  14. T

    FIXED KSSC42QMS01 Need help w/ built in refrigerator, no water coming from dispenser. How to access.

    I need to test and possibly replace the inlet valve on my KitchenAid built in. The valve is located underneath and there is no room to get to it. Do I lay down a 650lb fridge on it's side? Do I crank up the leveling feet to the max, how much room will that give me? Right now I barely have 5"...
  15. D

    FIXED Whirlpool gold designer fit GC3SHEXNS16 water dispenser/ice maker in door leaking to floor

    From the in-door dispenser, water leaking down refrigerator and sometimes puddles on floor...have cleaned all, replaced tubing, turned off ice maker (from door only)....still happens...mostly on the left side (looking at the refrigerator) but ssometimes right side too. Any ideas please!!! Thanks!
  16. D

    WSXH208 No water getting to the auto dispenser

    After the shocks wore out on my wife's GE model WSXH208 washer, the increased wobble caused a bolt on the tub to puncture the dispenser tray and leak water. I repaired the tray with epoxy and POR-15 then replaced the shocks. Now, no wobble; but somehow a pin-hole leak developed in the washer...
  17. K

    FPHB2899LFB Frigidaire water filter very slow - researched

    I have a Frigidaire FPHB2899LFB french door refrigerator. I've read a lot of posts about slow water issues with the Frigidaire water filters. I've replace filters Frigidaire brand ULTRAWF at least ten times - after about 1 month it takes about 15-20 seconds to fill a pint glass, after 2-3...
  18. W

    Freezer only dispenses crushed ice, even on cubed setting

    I've Googled this and there seems to be a lot of good info out there, but none seem to work yet so I figured I'd try this route. All features work on door - water, crushed ice, cubed ice and the light. The issue is that when on cubed ice, only crushed comes out. After examination, it looks...
  19. B

    Water light blinking

    The water light on the front of my GE refrigerator is blinking but I am not able to select anything else on the keypad on the freezer door. There are no error codes on the display inside the refrigerator, and I am not able to dispense water or ice. I have already changed out the main control...
  20. S

    GE Arctica Side by Side - Dispenser not working, Fridge not cooling like it should

    My GE Arctica side by side (PSS26SGRBSS) from 2002 started having issues about 2 weeks ago and has progressively worsened: 1. No water or ice dispensed, dispenser light comes on, temp. display would go dark except for blinking HRS then about 10 min later would be working again. Fridge and...