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display board

  1. K

    Samsung Model NE58K985OWS with dead control panel.

    Hello, Looking for pins/voltages at display panel pcb to confirm power is getting to the display board. Samsung Model NE58K985OWS/AA Thanks, Ken
  2. D

    LG WT1701CW - Replacement display board

    Hi folks, First time posting so apologies if I am in the wrong place here. I have an LG WT1701CW washer where the buttons on the control board started to go bad so I purchased a new display board from PartsSelect. The old board has some sort of capacitive touch (it seems to me) while the new...
  3. D

    GE Dishwasher GDF620HGJ6WW no power, control board flashing green

    I've read through other threads that have similar issues. Service LED on the control board is rapidly flashing green and no display. Swapped out display board first. Nothing changed. Then swapped out control board. Dishwasher worked for about 2 loads of dishes, then same issues; no display and...
  4. X

    IKEA / Whirlpool Oven IBS350PXS01 Dead No Display

    Greetings all, I hope I can find help here as I've tried many repairs/replacements but with no results. I have an IKEA (Whirlpool) Oven IBS350PXS01. We did the self clean cycle, came back to it and it was dead. Electric is still getting to it, but no display or anything. Initially I assumed it...
  5. P

    KRFC300ESS01 DIGITAL.DISPLAY went dead

    Hey everyone, first post here looks like a great community. Looking for any advice and troubleshooting. Here's the status. The entire unit stopped cooling and I ran the following diagnostics. Condenser fan runs and checks out, has power. Compressor starter relay has power pre and post...
  6. B

    FIXED GSS23WSTASS GE side-by-side making clicking noise from the dispenser control panel, and the display is out

    this started yesterday after I tried to adjust the temperature for both the freezer and fridge. the display went out then i start to hear a clicking noise from the display. should i replace the dispenser control board? or the main control board in the back??? GE WR55X10859 Dispenser Control...
  7. S

    FIXED Maytag Model MFI2569YEM0 front panel turned on and off several times

    I have a 8 year old Maytag french door bottom freezer refrigerator. This morning it sounded as if the compressor was kicking on, then the front panel went out, then the compressor seemed to kick on again then the front panel went out again. It did this about 10 times. I moved all food to our...
  8. S

    LFFU14F5HWS Upright Freezer quit working after recent power surge

    We recently lost power a couple of times in short period of time during a recent storm. Since then I noticed that our freezer has stopped working. I noticed that the food was beginning to Thaw and also that the front display seemed to be displaying gibberish. I moved all of the food into...
  9. S

    KFIS25XVMS1 KitchenAid not cooling at all, and display lights up all blue

    Hello everyone, first time posting. After trying to vaccum out liquid from the tray beneath the fridge, my wife noticed the fridge was no longer cooling at all. Upon inspection, I also saw the front display quickly worsen from visible text at first to only a fully blue lit screen when you press...
  10. T

    Display only lights up with 8's

    I have a Whirlpool refrigerator, model # GI5FSAXVY02 After turning off and on the main breaker in my home, I noticed that my refrigerator display was not lit up like it always is. The refrigerator moter is not working, though power is going to the unit. When I press any button on the display...
  11. B

    Correct replacement circuit boards for EI23CS55GS1

    The refrigerator started making noise, loud fan type, then started warming up. After a power outage for 12 hours, it ran perfectly for a few days. Started warming up again. I read a previous thread here, and "Jake," suggested replacing the main board, and perhaps the display board. Can someone...

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