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    UMV1152CAB Maytag Microwave works, but no display

    Seems to need Whirlpool part DE94-01354A or Samsung part AP4236469 ?? Everything about the microwave works except the display, am I right in assuming the display is not available separately from the entire panel/control board? Someone had suggested in another thread to unplug it for a while...
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    Samsung Range NE58K9430SS/AA front display dead

    Recently the front display of my Samsung electric stove went dead. There are no lights showing at all on the front display. We can use the 4 knobs for the top burners, but are unable to turn the oven on because the display controls the oven. I noticed a clicking sound coming from behind the...
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    Samsung NX58H9500WS: Digital display doesn't work, but sometimes works after using the oven

    I've had the Samsung NX58H9500WS since May 2017. As of maybe three months ago, after a series of rainstorms in our area, the digital clock and temperature display stopped working. It would, however, intermittently come back on after I used the oven, then not work again. I can still use the oven...
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    FIXED WEE730H0DS0 Display blank, no error code, but range and oven work

    I bought this oven and installed it myself 3.5 years ago. It worked fine until recently. Now the display is entirely blank, no error codes. However, the tenant showed me how to turn the burners on without the display. He said it's inconvenient but it works-wonderful tenant! :D I did some...
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    LG LDF7920ST Dishwasher is dead

    Hi All, My dishwasher LDF7920ST completely dead, First I thought it is noise filter, but noise filter did not show any sign of damage, the power to main control board (6871DD2002A) is okay (120V), I also checked power to led panel, showed 120 volts as well. Is there any way to find if the main...
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    GE Profile Refrigerator is not cooling, Digital Display dark

    My fridge stopped working, not cooling, compresor and fan are not running, digital diplay is dark and not showing anything, but lights in freezer and refrigerator are ON. I'd appreciate any help with troubleshooting the problem.
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    FIXED No display on GE Profile single wall oven with trivection

    The display is out and nothing works. The oven is energized with 246 volts (each ungrounded conductor to ground is 123 volts). I checked the fuse and it is good. Both ACL1 to ground and ACL2 to ground coming off the main power board is only 102 volts. Is this correct, or should the main...
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    Kenmore Wall Oven cannot reset display

    Kenmore wall oven model 790.47789405 cannot reset display. Oven is not working at all 12:00 is flashing on the display. Can set the clock, but when you open the oven door, display goes to a faster flashing 12:00. Have tried to set bake, broil and self clean functions. Settings will hold for a...