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    Whirlpool WRV986FDEM01 inside lights stopped working, water/ice dispenser stopped working

    Hi! I'm having some issues with my less than 3 year old Whirlpool Refrigerator, model WRV986FDEM01. About 3 days ago, the inside lights stopped working. Originally, I thought it may be an issue with the switch, but then, the next morning, my water/ice dispenser stopped working also. It does...
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    FIXED 790.94193310 Kenmore Range Clock display is out otherwise works normally

    The display is black unless you are using the oven, timer, etc. If you push the Clock button, and then an arrow as if to set the time, the time will show (correctly) for a few seconds then it goes dark again. It's a minor inconvenience, but we've just become used to using the clock on the...
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    PGB995SET1SS GE Profile igniter blew, then display failed

    Our GE Profile, model PGB995SET1SS, had a bad igniter in the lower oven. I bought a non-OEM replacement and installed it with ceramic wire nuts provided. It tested fine. Next time it was used (by S.O.) she said there was a pop and a fizzle sound, then control panel went out. I checked breaker...
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    GE Dryer GFDR270 Has Issues with LED display

    We started experiences issues with our GE Dryer yesterday. The display shows partial numbers illuminated (0 looks like a u), missing the top part of the number. Multiple options are illuminated under temperature, when you press the button to cycle through low, medium, etc. The dryer runs and...
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    790.41012801 Kenmore Elite Clock LCD MISSING GHOSTING LINES

    My Kenmore Elite Oven clock digital lcd screen is missing some bars making it very hard to tell what number it is trying to display. Is there an easy way to fix this problem or will I have to buy something expensive? Thanks for any information on this. I've seen where some people fix there...
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    FIXED WEE730H0DS0 Display blank, no error code, but range and oven work

    I bought this oven and installed it myself 3.5 years ago. It worked fine until recently. Now the display is entirely blank, no error codes. However, the tenant showed me how to turn the burners on without the display. He said it's inconvenient but it works-wonderful tenant! :D I did some...
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    KFIS25XVWH1 Bad Control Board?

    I bought this unit second-hand some years ago (KitchenAid French Door refrigerator, model no. KFIS25XVWH1, s/n KY4241090). This morning my wife asked "no ice?" So, no lights on the display. I pushed the ice button and saw a strange checkerboard pattern on the display and all the LEDs lit up (see...
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    FIXED FGHS2631PF Not Cooling properly

    Hi there. Last night we came home and noticed the refrigerator (about 4 years old) was displaying some crazy temps. -21 on the freezer side and 54 on the refrigerator side. Fridge definitely felt warm, and I couldn't hear the compressor running. So I pulled it out from the wall, unplugged it and...
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    WRX988SIBM01 When motor turns off alarm sounds and panel icons light up

    About 2 weeks ago my french door refrigerator was making a loud noise when we opened the freezer. There was a little ice build up in the back so my husband used a blow dryer to melt it. Then the ice machine stopped working and now the motor will stop and an alarm sounds and the panel icons...
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    LG LSB5611SB Oven and Range display malfunctioning

    Good afternoon, I recently purchased my home, and the stove that came with the place was immediately exhibiting problems. The previous owners attempted to fix it (in the most lackadaisical manner possible), but ended up insulting the only authorized LG repairman in our area, so now the burden...
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    RF263AEPN/XAA Temp Display & Cooling Issue

    New here and first post; thanks for reading and for any help that can be provided. I've searched quite a bit and have not been able to find a similar situation with resolution. The fridge and freezer have been working fine up to a few days ago. I came home to find both the fridge and freezer...
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    KitchenAid Built-In Oven: Display not working

    The LED (?) display on my built-in double oven is not longer working. It still makes the beeping sound when the buttons are pushed, and the oven will work, but there are no lights on the display. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?
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    Display has gone blank and unresponsive, old GE range

    The LED display on my old General Electric electric range has gone blank and unresponsive and no clock. There is currently no display to see an error code Pressing the buttons no longer does anything. I can't turn on the oven. The stove-top works fine. The stove-top have a working indicator...
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    Touch Display Going Crazy

    I have a GE Trivection JS998SK3SS and the display started displaying symbols and just acting weird. The display never stops flickering although the oven is off. When I press the clear button which turns the display on, I can make out what is displayed, but it still acts crazy. The clock is...
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    Kenmore Elite He4 has drum light but no console or button lights / response

    The dryer suddenly stopped responding to any buttons and the display console never lights up. I know that there's power since the drum light works. I checked the thermal fuse for continuity, and that tested okay. So, I'm assuming it's either the Machine Control Electronics Assembly...
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    Bosch side by side B22CS30SNS/01 No Display

    Sup guys I am new on here I have a Bosch side by side fridge B22CS30SNS / 01 The display for ice/water dispenser suddenly shut off. I have replace the display board and the two computers on top of the fridge and still no display. I am hoping I can get some help on here thank you guys
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    GE Mother Board Service Bulletin

    I know that there is a Sticky on this with the info, but the link to it requires a user name and password plus a 50 dollar yearly subscription fee. I was wondering if anyone on here has a copy of that Letter or Service Bulletin for the mother boards and the models affected. I have attached a...
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    kitchenaid slide-in gas range touchpad not working

    Kitchenaid slide-in gas range, model KGST300BWH1, installed in 1996. Just started renting the house in August, when we left in July, the oven worked perfectly. Then, the oven control started working intermittently and after troubleshooting, determined the board had gone bad. I suspect the...
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    GFG461LVS Whirlpool Touchpanel Goes On/Off

    The touch pad of my Whirlpool Gold (a little over 1 year old) goes completely off intermittently. I tried multiple outlets and also tried some tricks posted here on the forums like leaving it unplugged. I never see any error codes. Any suggestions would be appreciated before I call a repair...
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    Maytag Neptune MDE5500AYW Display Doesn't Light Up

    I have Maytag Neptune Model# MDE5500AYW Serial# 62451816CR I do not get any lights or other sign of life from the display. The dryer is plugged into a known good circuit. The only sign of life I get is the interior light. As I'm unable to get a code, I don't know what to do next. The...