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    GTWN4250M1WS GE Washer - Makes a racket spinning, Should I replace everything?

    I have a GE top loading washer GTWM4250M1WS. It makes a racket spinning. I'm going to attempt changing the WH38X10017 Shaft and Tube Assembly. Am I correct in assuming this is the more likely faulty part? I'm not confident I can just do the bearings part of this. And I can get that part for...
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    GE GDF620HMJ0ES Dishwasher no light on door panel and one blink LED

    I recently purchased an entire appliance set off of someone and before taking the appliances all them were ran and made sure they worked. The dishwasher ran fine, brought it home and placed in the garage while we finished the kitchen. After about a week I went to install the dishwasher. I...
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    FIXED Removing clutch from old GE washer motor

    Hello forum, I am attempting to reuse an induction motor from an older GE washer. I have successfully removed the top cap/cover, clutch housing (w/ included sheave and bearing), and a few other small components. Here is the assembly before any components were removed, as well as before...
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    DV331AEW/XAA Samsung Front Loader - Drain pump & Spider Arm... is it worth it?

    Hi! i have a 7 year old Samsung Front Loading Washer machine. Recently started having a lot of drainage issues... with the nd code coming on a lot. There has been a lot of sediment (almost looked like small rocks) in the filter... I spent time time cleaning what I could reach, including shaking...
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    106.72862100 Kenmore Noisy Compressor 2 Special Sounds BUT WORKS

    So I couldn't resist the free refrigerator on the list and they did say it was noisy. But it was so clean and outside and looking good I took it to my shop and plugged it in. Well, it gets cold and works but it has 2 unique sounds. I think both are from the compressor and one sounds like a...
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    Retro Admiral 750 "Restoration"

    I snagged an Admiral 750 refrigerator free from a local Charlotte hotdog joint (was used for display). It was destined for the dump and I couldn't let it go, so I'm starting a "restoration" - more a heavy cleaning than anything. It's not working, missing quite a few parts but the bones are...