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    Replacement door has different sized internal threads for door handle “screws” GE PSS27SGRCSS

    I have a 15 year old GE model PSS27SGRCSS fridge/freezer, and here is my other questions. I had the freezer door replaced, but the new door has smaller (internal) diameter holes for the studs that screw in and hold the handle in place. I checked the GE parts online, as well as called two...
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    FIXED MVH210E Amana Microwave Door Handle - broken at bottom

    This senior (Jan '95) microwave handle broke at the bottom attachment point. Given it's age the odds of a replacement handle seem dim. The plastic simply has fractured around the attachment screw, probably as a result of years of pulling. Two thoughts come to mind - replace the unit or use...
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    FPUH19D7LF0 Looking for solution to broken handle

    The shoulder screw (part #80 on diagram) is held in the door by a plastic sleeve that the screw threads into. This sleeve is stripped and the screw does not grip and stay in place thus the door handle is loose. Does anyone know of a solution to replace the plastic sleeve so the screw can stay in...
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    CAF16DGB GE Freezer door handle removal

    Im trying to remove without destroying the door handle on our 32 yr old freezer. It is model CAF16DGB RWH. There are no set screws, just a faux wood plastic cover that Im scared Im going to break if I mess with it anymore. Any ideas?