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  1. E

    Vintage Kelvinator Frig 1955/56 - need help locating lock latch/strike plate

    Does anyone know where I can purchase this part? I have looked seemingly everywhere and have been monitoring eBay for months with no luck! Thanks!!
  2. R

    FIXED Frigidaire Dishwasher FFBD2406NS9B Door latch wire connectors

    Turns out the door latch shorted, so I need the door latch assembly Latch Assembly, Black (Replaces: 5304500348) 5304517280 But also the two connectors, which I don't see in the parts list. Does anyone have a part number for them?
  3. E

    Kelvinator - Looking for a 1950s (1955 or 1956) Kelvinator refrigerator striker latch

    Does anyone know where I can find this part? I have been monitoring eBay with no luck! Thanks for the help!
  4. D

    FIXED Electrolux FFBD2408NB10C Dishwasher door not latching

    Hi, all -- My daughter is now a happy homeowner but finds that the dishwasher she bought secondhand does not latch closed. I'm planning a visit to help, and I hope to get it done in one visit. Does this sound like a latch mechanism...
  5. I

    GE Wall Oven JT5000EJ3ES Door latch stuck

    Today we decided to do a clean cycle on our GE Wall Oven (model JT5000EJ3ES). During the cycle it flashed us that it was too hot so we cancelled it. After the cancellation the door latch is stuck in the lock position. I took the front off to get to the latch and I see there is a black piece...
  6. N

    GE dishwasher PDT825SSJ0SS started doing the 3 beep, replaced door latch

    Have a PDT825SSJ0SS from 2017-ish timeframe. Recently the dishwasher started doing the 3 beep - blinky light thing when I tried to start a cycle. CEM showed 815 code (software version) and all blinking LED's (with the door closed) indicating that the door latch was sensing "open". SO ... I...
  7. J

    Door Latch Problem - Frigidaire Dishwasher FFCD2413UW4A

    Bought a Frigidaire FFCD2413UW4A dishwasher less than 6 months ago, and I am now having the following issues: - After the 1hr wash cycle, door latch goes to "locked" position after the door is open, and the light indicating wash is complete will not turn off, after the door is opened. - Latch...
  8. A

    FIXED RF28K9380 Samsung Refrigerator Showcase door latch - Service Manual

    Hi all! I have a Samsung RF28K9380 and the Showcase door pull got stuck in the pulled/open position. The latch on the inside that holds the door closed is in the down position and needs to be able to go up and down freely. If I force (really force) that latch up, the door opens/closes...
  9. S

    GDT655SSJ0SS GE Dishwasher won't start; beeps 3 times; thinks door is not closed

    Hey all. I've went through some different posts here but haven't found anyone with mine for the ones I looked at. I'm having the common issue where the dishwasher won't start and it beeps 3 times. I completed the test of holding start & cycle for 10 seconds. All LEDs still flash even when closed...
  10. M

    FIXED CDT835SSJ0SS Door closed won’t start

    I press start, it says close door, and I close the door and then it waits a second and says to Press start and close door. Does not start. I have replaced the door latch. That worked, but the problem came back. Is there a hard reset for this model? What is the next replacement I should try...
  11. H

    KUDS01DJSS0 KitchenAid Dishwasher - Door won't latch closed

    We bought a KUDS01DJSS0 used. The door won't close. Apparently it was latching just before we purchased it. It's installed and power and water are on. The latch simply will not catch closed. What parts do we need to replace?
  12. L

    LG Model LDT5678ST Dishwasher leveling issue - Cycle Stops

    I have a LG dishwasher model LDT5678ST purchased open box. When I attempt to start it, it doesn’t start unless I lift up on the door when closing just so. Almost like there’s some leveling sensor that is faulty. This has been the case since it was first installed probably 7 months back but it...
  13. paulbram

    FIXED GE GDT695SSJ0SS Won't Start, flashing with 815 error code

    Hello, My GE GDT695SSJ0SS flashes for 10 seconds with an 815 error code. It really appears like the door is making a solid connection however. I checked the control board and I'm not seeing any green LED's flashing at all. Does this mean I should replace my control board? Or is it possible my...
  14. R

    417.44252501 Kenmore Washer - Light are on and beeping but will not start

    I ran a wash last night and worked fine. When I put another load in the am the lights go on but will not start. I tried unplugging the machine for few hrs and tried again after I returned from work but still nothing. The door is latched tightly and the soap drawer is all the way closed. Any idea...
  15. J

    KEBC208KSS03 Kitchenaid double oven error code F5 E1

    Errror code refers to door latch not aligning. The oven is question is the upper one which is used 99% of the time. The door latch does not have as much spring back as the lower one does and seems to be a bit looser than the lower oven as well. Seems to me a new latch is in order?
  16. C

    FIXED WBVH5300K1WW GE Front Loading Washer Door Won't Close

    For some reason I can't close the door on this washer. It's as if it's permanently in the "locked" position. I hear the solenoid going when I try to lock/unlock the door bit it appears the latch doesn't move or change positions. I'm not completely sure but this may have happened when I hit the...
  17. E

    FAFW3511KW0 Affinity front loader - lights flashing AFTER replacing control board and door mechanism

    A few weeks back my Affinity front load washer would stop mid-cycle. Sometimes I could re-start it and it would complete, but then it stopped completely. The initial error code went back and forth between E6E and E41. Here are the steps I took- 1. Checked drain and pump -> nothing clogging it...
  18. B

    FIXED How to connect wires to my door latch on my maytag dishwasher

    Hi, I was doing a continuity test on my door latch and forgot which wire to goes to which terminal on the switch. There is a brown wire and a black wire. How can I figure out which one goes where? I am going to attach a photo. (I should have photographed before I took it apart, haste makes waste!)
  19. F

    Door latch won't hold - pops open -

    Part number for new door latch 8193830 was installed and door latch still doesn't hold. I tried mild bending to latch tab but still no luck. If I hold in my hand the latch and latch tab, I can see how it should hold but after installing both pieces, the door pops open with a slight click...
  20. K

    MDB7601AWB Maytag Control Panel & Door Latch Replaced - Start Button Not Working - Display Acting Up

    MDB7601AWB Maytag Control Panel & Door Latch Replaced - Start Button Not Working - Display Acting Up I found information on this forum about how to replace the Control Panel, how to silicone seal the openings to avoid corrosion issues in the future as well as how to replace the door latch. I...
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