door lock assembly

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    Fact or Fiction? LG Washer: WM3570HVA after door boot seal replacement, the door is hard to close

    Year: 2014 Make: LG Model: WM3570HVA Parts: Door Boot Seal (OEM Part #: MDS47123605) Washer Door Lock ( OEM Part # EBF61315802) I was having a small leak on the bottom of my door, with larger loads. I called a LG authorized repair company to come and check it out. They told me I...
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    FIXED Front Load 417.43042200 Fills Drains, Only Door Lock Light is Lit. No Wash Light, agitation, etc. Door lock and Control Board didn't resolve.

    Here's what we've tried so far. Replaced door lock. Washer fills (but wash light is NOT on). After washer fills, there is no agitation. Advance timer to spin and washer successfully drains. Did check pump and there are no debris. Replaced motor control board with used (guaranteed). This did not...
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    FIXED FWT445GES2 Replacement door lock assembly does not match existing harness plugs

    Hello Friends. I have a 17+ year old Frigidaire washer. I ordered a new OEM door lock assembly #131763256, as per picture. The part #s cross reference. But it looks like the replacement door lock needs a new harness to work, which costs $257 with the lock (!!!!!)...
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    RBD305PDQ15 Whirlpool double oven light does not turn off

    Good morning, I have a double oven made by Whirlpool model #RBD305PDQ15 and a few months ago while cooking in both ovens, the lights on the panel went out and then came back but the door was in the locked position and stayed there until we opened it with a clothes hanger and removed the food...

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