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    790.95073310 Kenmore Elite Induction Range - oven "open" message on power-up

    At the beginning of the pandemic, the main control board blew (pop, spark, smoke). $300 later, I had replaced the two control boards and the touch-panel/display. Powered it up and everything worked beautifully. After a few days of use, the oven won't operate at all. Upon power-up, the word...
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    FIXED GDT695SSJ0SS GE dishwasher won’t start -door detected as open

    Hi, I’ve read most of these threads. first, the drain pump was really noisy, so I ordered that part, which took 2 months to arrive. Then, still with the old drain pump, the door latch seemed to have problems, intermittently showing “open” when actually closed. Then it stopped “closing”...