double oven wall unit

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    KEBS207SSS04 Kitchenaid Double Oven blowing thermal fuse

    I have replaced both of the thermal fuses multiple times now. No other symptoms. We do not run the auto clean cycle since the first thermal fuse went out. The ovens are both kept very clean. i.e. always use foil, no messes, exist to build up and catch at high temps. We've never baked at...
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    GE double wall oven - lower oven won't heat up - no error codes showing

    GE double oven wall unit - both ovens worked fine and then suddenly, for no obvious reason, the lower unit quit working a few weeks ago. When I try to turn it on, I set the temp and it starts showing 100 degrees and then after about 30 seconds, it goes off. No error code coming up, display...