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    FIXED Jenn air JDS9860AAP downdraft blower only works on low

    I'm trying to figure out this downdraft fan system. It has a 3 position switch. Middle is off. And there is a hi and lo position either side. There is a relay board on the back and the blower underneath hooked up to a duct. Regardless of whether I choose hi or low I get the same flow and it...
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    KGCD807XBL Gas Cooktop Bizarre Igniter Behavior - Help

    Hi Everyone, I come to the forum with a question that I have not thus far encountered on the internet. Here's the deal. We just recently purchased and had professionally installed a KitchenAid 4-burner downdraft natural gas cooktop model KGCD807XBL. The unit works fine except for this odd...
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    Jenn Air electirc cooktop with two left burners hot

    i have a Jenn Air downdraft electric cooktop that when I turn on any one of the two left dials, both left burners get hot. It happens even when I tried the right cartridge to the left panel. An appliance repair lady said she did not find anything wrong with the wires underneath the dials. What...
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    FIXED SVE47600 Jenn-air downdraft fan not turning on

    Good afternoon, I just came into a jenn-air SVE47600 in great shape except for the downdraft. The button beeps but the fan doesn't respond. There is a fan that kicks on when I turn on the broil function but don't know if that is related. Is there a relay or remote switch that could be bad? Or ...
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    Jenn Air D156 fan/light switch replacement troubles. Need experienced expert help.

    My Jenn-Air D156 is driving me nuts. It’s a real puzzle. For some years, everything but the down-draft fan/oven light rocker switch that sits in front of the downdraft vent was working fine. This switch is famously now no longer made… by anyone. It is two momentary switches in one, one side for...
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    Jenn-Air JES9750

    Trying to finda 5 inch diameter duct for the central downdraft exhaust. Hole in the floorallows the vent to disperse into the crawlspace. Would like to add a ductextension to vent the exhaust away and limit intrusion into the house through aswitched off fan. I've been unable to locate a short 5...