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drain hose

  1. C

    Frigidaire Dishwasher FDB520RHB2 water not fully draining.

    The other day I noticed that the water was not fully draining from my dishwasher. I cleaned the inside and checked the hoses for a clogg, but nothing. I figured it had to be the drain pump so I replaced it. That didn't work. I have since noticed that it does drain some. I pulled the hose and...
  2. J

    Is there such a thing as Tee fittings for condensate lines of mini Split units?

    I am in the position of needing to "T" / tee together the condensate lines of two mini-split units. I know this is "less than ideal" but it's the only easy way out for me.... Does anyone sell TEE fittings that can be used with the thin-wall ribbed plastic condensate drain lines that the...
  3. G

    FIXED Kitchenaid KDTM354DSS4 fails to fully drain - Water remains in dishwasher after cycle ends

    Hi, I'm a relatively technical user and am capable of following technical directions and replacing parts. I have a Kitchenaid KDTM354DSS4 that doesn't fully drain. After the cycle ended, there was still water inside of the dishwasher that hadn't fully drained. I manually drained all the water...
  4. walshy12

    WDT720PADM2 Whirlpool Dishwasher - Black/pinkish film on dishes

    I have a Whirlpool Gold Series dishwasher that has recently been leaving a film on some of the dishes. Specifically the silverware, but also on other dishes but not as visible. It’s coated the inside of the dishwasher. I’ve disassembled most of the interior party’s and cleaned out the holes to...
  5. E

    LDP6797ST LG Dishwasher - Drain hose of new dishwasher doesn't fit the drainage.

    Hi, after trying to fix my old dishwasher I gave up and bought a new one. It's a LG LDP6797ST, that I am trying to install. Problem is that while my old dishwasher (maytag) had a drain hose that fit into my drain under the kitchen sink, the new dishwasher came with a drain hose that simply...
  6. Y

    WF448AAP/XAA Samsung Washer Hose Building Swells Up and Builds Pressure

    One of the similar looking black hoses that connects to a dispenser on the inside of the machine at the end of the washing cycle (when the machine starts to drain and spin) is swelling and building pressure. The tubes go into a metal box that says high heat. The dispenser is connected with a...
  7. P

    FIXED Drain hose question - with pictures - in color

    My dishwasher usually fails to drain. A repair guy said the drain hose is too long. Connected to the drain motor is a 6' section that is coiled up under the washer. That 6' section then connects to another section of hose which makes its way through the cabinetry to the garburator and and...

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