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    Bosch SMS53M08EU drain works but still got E:24

    Hi guys! My Bosch dishwasher has every other week an E:24 error. But I unplugged the draining hose to see water flow - It's perfect. No water stays in the dishwasher. I check the pump for debris - it's clean. I make sure that the pump cover is closed. All the steps as needed - and they are all...
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    WM3488HS LG washer/dryer drain not kicking in

    So I have a LG WM3488HS combo washer/dryer unit, I was getting the OE error a couple weeks ago then ordered the drain part, but when I tested it before I began repairs I was not getting an OE error. The machine would even drain, however it does NOT drain on any normal wash cycles it only drains...
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    WPRE6150K2WT GE top load-- water fills past selected amount and then stops - no agitate, no spin

    Start a new wash load but unit never gets to the "wash" cycle. It seems to fill up past the selected water amount then just stops. During the water fill period, the timer indicator moves from a time indication, depending on wash selection, to rotating bars in a box pattern. It seems to do...

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