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    MAH4000AWW Maytag Neptune Washer Won't Spin/drain

    Our Maytag Neptune washer suddenly stopped spinning/draining. Most everything else seems to work well. The drum does turn, but on the spin cycle it doesn't sound like it is turning fast. Clothes are literally saturated with water after the spin cycle. We've tried re-initiating the spin cycle...
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    FIXED WCVH6400J1WW GE Frontload just keeps draining

    Dear Friends, Just acquired this washer from a friend who gave up on it. repair man told her it was the inverter, but i have reason to believe it is not. I ran some tests on it and it will tumble but just wont spin. I hear the drain running like its trying to drain water that isn't in there? So...
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    Kitchenaid Fridge Display Panel Acting up among other problems including ice in bottom of freezer

    I have a Kitchenaid KSRS25ILWH02 side by side fridge. About three months ago I came back from 2 weeks' vacation and everything in the fridge was frozen. We opened up the fridge door for an hour, then everything seemed to be ok. About a month later there was water on the floor. I could see...
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    Hotpoint Dishwasher no voltage to fill/drain solenoids.

    Noticed the Dishwasher wouldn't drain. As I began to troublshoot it I find that it also won't fill. Ran the dial through multiple 360 degree sweeps. No voltage to drain solenoid and no voltage to fill solenoid. Motor runs but no fill/drain. It'll drain if I mash the plunger on the solenoid...
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    Stuck on 2-minute drain

    No matter which cycle is selected, when I press Start/Resume (S/R), dishwasher goes into 2-Minute Drain (2-MD). Pressing S/R again turns off 2-MD. Pressing Cancel/Drain (C/D) also starts 2-MD; C/D again turns off 2-MD; and so on with both S/R and C/D act as toggle for 2-MD. I can not start any...
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    FIXED Maytag Dishwasher drain clogged, now won't turn on

    I recently moved into a new house and the dishwasher ran fine through one cycle. We had problems with our plumbing, however, and during the next cycle the garbage disposal was clogged up (I didn't know it at the time), and the dishwasher could not drain. It turned off and left water standing...
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    Washer won't switch from drain to spin cycle

    So my washer will switch thru every cycle, fill, agitate, spin. But it is having an issue switching from drain to the next cycle. So the pump just goes without shutting off. Don't know if there is a switch that is supposed to tell the timer/panel when it's done draining or is it a timed event...
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    FIXED Kenmore washer will not drain

    We were doing a load today and the washing machine would not drain. Whether this matters I don't know, but there was a knit shirt wound around the agitator drive. I removed the agitator assembly and untangled and removed the shirt, then replaced the agitator assembly. Still no draining. We just...
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    Maytag Topload washer not draining though all parts seem to be moving properly

    Hi everyone, Maytag washer isn't draining water out when the pump is spinning. Here's what we determined already: - Pump belt turns at the correct times - installed new pump belt just to make sure that it was right tightness - the pump itself spins, doesn't have any visible blockages or...
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    MAV7551AWW Atlantis Washer getting stuck on rinse cycle

    Washer repeatedly gets stuck during the rinse cycle. It will stop, sometimes for hours, and eventually kick-in again and finish the load. Always happens with tub full of water. Sometimes it smells like burning plastic. A few times there has been smoke rising from inside (in between the tub and...
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    Could a Kenmore Elite front load washer broken part fall into the drain pipe and block the pump?

    The main question is whether water in the tub (because of a failure to drain) would or could cause the drum to smack around while on spin. For 6 months, I've been staring at my semi-dead washer, unable to muster the will to move it out of the washer closet (it is stacked with a dryer) and remove...
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    maytag atlantis spin cycle not woking wont drain

    My Maytag Atlantis washer model mav62000aww will not work on spin cycle or drain water. You do hear a clicking coming from the dial when in spin cycle. It does not matter what mode you are washing on (delicates, white, colors) It does agitate fine and I can see water running through the pump and...
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    Maytag washer stopped and won't drain!

    My washer froze up in the middle of a load, completely full of water. I had to pull out my clothes and finish them at a friend's house! My landlord is out of the country for a week, so I can't get a repair person in until he's back. Is there a way to at least drain it if not to actually fix it...
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    kenmore 417 wont spin or advance

    OK , I have a sears Kenmore 417 , cant find the actual model number in full on it anywhere and cant find anything that shows me the location of that number. I have replaced the pump before, and I recently (within a year) replaced the drum assembly. Now the thing wont go into spin, timer wont...
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    Kenmore 363.14395992 won't drain water

    Hello, I have a Kenmore dishwasher that will not drain water in between cycles. I used to hear a click and then the water would drain to the disposal in the sink, but now when a cycle ends , there is no click and the pump just spins the water in the bottom of the dishwasher. Could this be a...
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    Won't start or drain

    Control panel lights work. When I push Start the proper lights come on under the 'Cycle Monitor' and 'Wash Selections' but nothing else happens. While I was at work today my wife tried to start it and apparently something worked because there is now water in the bottom (full) and she said the...
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    Kenmore Washer spin problems

    I have a Kenmore Washer that recently started stopping during the spin cycle and not draining the water. I have read the forums and ordered and replaced the lid switch. Since the replacement the washer stops when it wants not just during the spin cycle with no humming or buzzing from the motor...
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    dishwasher made bad grinding noise, now won't start

    Hello My Kitchenaid dishwasher (KUDS24SE) made a horrible grinding noise last night as it entered its first wash cycle. I immediately cancelled the wash as I though there might be sth lodged inside. I checked inside the dishwasher and found no objects at the bottom, so whatever it was is...
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    Need help with error code F09, Kenmore Elite Ht3 #110.42922200

    Hi, My frontload wash machine displayed error code F09 two days ago. I did some researching, and know that this code indicates an overfill problem. Feeling as if this a little over my head, I called a local repairman, he unscrewed the drain pumpfilter and found it was clogged with a bunch of...
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    GE dishwasher drain problem

    I own a GE Triton XL dishwasher, model # PDW7800G00WW. Two weeks ago I noticed that it stopped draining water on the rinse cycle. I stepped through the technician troubleshooting sheet inside the dishwasher. I checked the operation of the drain pump and noticed that it would drain a small amount...

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