1. A

    Kenmore Refrigerator 795.72483.411 - customchill drawer sliders removal

    Hi, i need to replace the customchill drawer wiring (EAD62885101 connection wire) and it is located inside the drawer slider on a right side. How do i remove this slider? it has 4 screws, it has a wheel-in screw... but i see nothing else strengthening there. still this part wouldn't come out and...
  2. D

    KitchenAid KRFF300ESS: Remove freezer drawers

    Might be an easy problem but I can't figure out how to remove the two drawers from my KitchenAid KRFF300ESS freezer. When I look on YouTube, there are various examples shown such as this one. However, all the examples I've found online are not the same as my freezer because the top drawer cannot...
  3. J

    CFE28TSHSS GE Refrigerator Deli Drawer Freezing Food

    We have a CFE28TSHSS and recently the bottom drawer within the refrigerator has been freezing food. We checked that the temp selection was at the warmest "Deli" setting. We emptied the whole thing and let it thaw and did a deep cleaning, it was turned off for about 10 hours. Plugged it back in...
  4. D

    FIXED RF30HBEDBSR Flexzone Control won't change

    Hey there - was searching around for Flexzone drawer issues and found the threads about it freezing, but I have a different problem. I have a Samsung RF30HBEDBSR with the middle Flexzone drawer. It's almost 3 years old and recently the flexzone controller (the button that lets you choose...
  5. H

    KitchenAid French Door Fridge keeps beeping with "PO" message. Deli drawer lights all off.

    KitchenAid French Door Fridge keeps beeping with "PO" message. Deli drawer lights all off. Our 14 month old fridge is beeping every 5-10 minutes. Panel says "PO" with a "confirm" light. When I press confirm, it seems to reset and everything looks normal. But 5-10 minutes later, the same...
  6. jaboobie

    Drawer Slide, Shelf Support?

    Good Morning, A bad closing cam on the refrigerator door brought me here and I ordered the closing cam kit so that problem is taken care of but I also have a broken drawer slide or shelf support, and none of the parts listed quite look like what I need. I've uploaded a photo of the broken...
  7. T

    What Grease on Drawer Glides?

    Now that I have my freezer defrosted, I notice that the full extension drawer glides don't glide easily. What type of lubricant would work best in the freezer section? Part #240579801 & 240579802 51B & 52B in this image...
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