drive shaft spindle

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    WTW4816FW2 Whirlpool Washer - Replacing tub seal on drive shaft

    Went to my sister's to, what I thought would be a quick and easy job, swap out the leaky tub seal on her machine. No big deal, got everything taken apart ... except the seal on this particular machine is sandwhiched between the drive housing and a retainer that's pressed onto the drive shaft...
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    WT5101HV Wash Plate Not Releasing from Drive Shaft Spindle

    I have an LG WT5101HV Wave Force Top Loading Washer. I need to replace the Washer Drive Shaft and Shifter Assembly. To do this I need to remove the Wash Plate and Wash Tub. Clutch AEN73131403 I have been following a Repair Clinic Video. The specific spot on the video appears at approximately...