dryer drying times

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    FIXED GE gas dryer not drying properly

    I have an 8 yo GE front load gas dryer. Of course, today being laundry day, it decided to develop a problem. When you start to dry a load, it will go through the initial heating up cycle "by the book". After about 2 - 3 minutes, the heat shuts off. There is an audible click when the heat shuts...
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    Whirlpool dryer takes too long to dry

    I have checked all the basics: lint trap clean, discharge hose clear, flow out vent good. The heat on high setting does not seem hot enough. Is there a service manual that will have the troubleshooting steps. I am familiar with troubleshooting electronics on Class 8 truck diesel engines and...
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    Kenmore Gas Dryer - Long Drying Times

    We have been experiencing long drying times with our Kenmore Gas Dryer. I cleaned out the ventilation hose and opened up the bottom panel and cleaned everything out, so does not appear to be lint build-up. I measured the temperature of the exhaust out the back and noticed that the...