dryer has no power.

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    GTD65GBSJWS GE Dryer not turning on

    Hello Having an issue with my dryer which is about 3 years old, and no longer under warranty. It has been working fine, no problems or complaints the entire time we've owned it. My wife went to use it this morning and the control switch would not light up/power on. After doing a little research...
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    GE Dryer Model GTD72EBSN0WS will not do anything

    GE Dryer Model GTD72EBSN0WS will not do anything when power button is hit. No lights come on when door is open. I checked breaker in the fuse box and everything looks to be in working order. I took the back panel off of the dryer and everything is working there as well. Could it just be the...
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    Maytag Electric Dryer Bravo XL model ID MEDB835DW4 - no power

    This one has me stumped. I am an IT systems administrator for a living and have expert knowledge of electrical/connectivity issues (or so i thought). This unit had a mouse nest with some lightly chewed wires and evident pee on the control board in 3 areas (which we bought used from a freind who...
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    Kenmore Dryer 592-89032 01 randomly shutting off + led flickers off

    Hey guys, We've had our Kenmore dryer for about 9 years. Recently I've been having trouble turning on the dryer. Sometimes I have to press the power button several times. At times the panel shuts off instantly once I release the power button. Sometimes I will be able to run the dryer for...
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    GTD72EBSNWS GE Dryer no power

    My dryer stopped working. no power whats so ever. hooked uo multimeter to wall, i got 240, even checked the power cable. and all is good. dont know what to do. maybe there is a fuse internally idk yet. help if you can.
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    FIXED Maytag MEDB835DW3 Bravos XL Electric dryer quit

    Hello, I’m new here and thought I would give this forum a try. I like to try to fix things myself but this issue I am having is like no other. Five days ago my family was doing laundry like every other day and my dryer stopped completely, I’m talking nothing worked. No power, no light, cycle...
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