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dryer help

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    GTD72EBSN0WS Dryer Starting Issue - Clicks then everything shuts off

    Hi, I am running into an issue with my dryer where everything appears fine but once I click the start the button you can hear a click then everything shuts off. It's as it powers off. You can hear a relay click then all the lights on the panel turn off. The drum doesn't begin to rotate or...
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    FIXED GE Dryer DCVH680GJ2WW not running, failed t07 and t08 error test

    Greetings! I own a GE DCVH680GJ2WW gas dryer that ran a drying cycle with no heat a few days ago, and when attempting to troubleshoot today, is no longer running - i.e. the unit makes no noise, the drum does not spin at all even though the digital panel displays "DRYING." The door makes a...
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    GE Dryer Model GTD72EBSN0WS will not do anything

    GE Dryer Model GTD72EBSN0WS will not do anything when power button is hit. No lights come on when door is open. I checked breaker in the fuse box and everything looks to be in working order. I took the back panel off of the dryer and everything is working there as well. Could it just be the...
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    FIXED DV448AEP/XAA Samsung dryer turning off before set time runs out.

    Samsun Dryer Model No. DV448AEP/XAA I've been working on this dandy off and on for over a month now and decided its time to look outside the box for help, which brings me to this fine community. Though I found a few threads on similar problems, I wasn't able to find any that I felt described...
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    MDG5500AWW Squealing Maytag Neptune Dryer

    My dryer is squealing when I turn it on and stops after about 10 minutes I have replaced the belt and both the drum support rollers and axles. I lubed the idler pulley which looks in good condition. I put it all back together and it worked great. Used it this morning and started squealing...
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    WED6200SW0 Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer F2 & Thermal Fuse?

    Hi everyone. I need help! I have an old Cabrio dryer. The Start button wouldn't press, so the machine wouldn't start. I called the 1800 number and went over the issue with the woman I spoke with over the phone and she said I need a new thermal fuse. I tried to order it- but the person I spoke to...
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    FEQ1442ES1 Code reading help.

    Hey all! Found this gem of a website and figured id give it a shot. So recently moved into house and had the dryer there, people said the heating element was out.. which does line up as no heat is coming on. but to be sure before i went at bought a new heating element I did some research. I...
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    MDE9316AYW Maytag Dependable Care making loud screeching/squealing noise

    My dryer recently is making a horrendous noise whenever we try to run it. It's even worse because I'm in apartments and so I don't want to run it because I know my neighbors can hear it. Through some simple online research it seems that the problem could either be with my support rollers or my...
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    LEQ9858PW0 Whirlpool ultimate care II just stopped working.

    Hello, Maybe someone can help. Dryer just wouldn't turn on nor does the light come on. Been having no issues just out of the blue. Also I checked and there is power to the dryer. I've been hearing about thermal switches going bad but would that effect the light? -Ericka
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    GEW9250PW1 Whirlpool Duet control panel does not work

    Whirlpool Duet control panel does not work....probably because I initially mis-wired the plug.... Hi, I have a used Whirlpool Duet dryer I just installed. During installation I had to change to a four prong plug, and accidentally put the neutral (white) leg on one of the outer screws. When I...
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    FIXED GTUP240EM5WW Took off the Heat Deflector on GE Dryer

    I noticed a lot of lint behind the heat deflector inside my dryer. (It's called a heat deflector on other GE models, based on videos I found, but I can't confirm if that's what it's called on mine. It's the thin metal piece at the back of the inside.) There were 3 screws so I took it off. Big...
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    Dryer not cooling at cycle end and element stayed on when dryer was opened

    recently our dryer quit cooling when it was nearing the end of each cycle. Typically we use the "more dry" setting when using the dryer. When it get through the less dry it would cool the clothes and they would be wonderfully wrinkle free. I cleaned the exhaust and it was surprisingly clean...
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    Dryer giving PF code and an F30 in diagnostic mode

    Dryer quit working during a dry cycle and gave a PF code. Turned it back on and it worked. Next day went to dry and pushed power, all lights came on correctly, picked my settings, and pushed start and a small buzz type beep happens with code PF. Unplugged, didnt work. Waited a day and it worked...

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