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dryer not heating

  1. D

    DV22K6800EW/AC Samsung Dryer not heating

    Hey all, I thought I'd pitch in with my Samsung dryer issue, to add to the huge database of problems (and, hopefully, solutions) collectively posted to this forum for the benefit of all members/readers. My dryer, model DV22K6800EW/AC, about three to four months ago, started to take a very long...
  2. J

    LG DLGX9001V dryer not heating, getting error code D80 when installation test is ran even with no hose attached

    Hello. We moved into a new home 7 months ago and have been having problems with this gas dryer ever since. I am not sure how old the dryer is, but assume it is less than five years old. The dryer normally does not have heat and takes multiple cycles to dry, though occasionally and inexplicably...
  3. C

    110.96273100 Kenmore dryer stopped heating up again after replacing Thermal cut off

    Dryer stopped heating up, automatically thought it was the heating element. Ordered a new one and replaced it and same issue. I tested the fuses and sure enough it was the Thermal cut off fuse that was bad. Ordered one and replaced the bad one. Started working for three loads of clothes and now...
  4. K

    110.72992101 Kenmore Elite dryer isn't drying/firing.

    Like the name of the topic says: my Kenmore dryer isn't drying, all of a sudden. When I turn it on, usually is spins around for a few minutes, then there's the "woosh" kinda sound, and the burner(?) fires up, and things get warm. Not so much, lately. No woosh, no warm. :wall: I'm SO glad I...
  5. M

    DV395ETPASU/A Samsung Dryer keeps blowing thermal cut off

    My dryer is running, but not heating. It keeps blowing the thermal cutoff thermostat. I replaced the first one in May, and it worked great for almost 3 months, but then my dryer stopped heating again. I tore the dryer apart and deduced that the same part had blown again, and replaced it. This...

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