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    Need to access diagnostics for Whirlpool Dryer - Model WGD95HEXW0

    I've got a Whirlpool gas dryer that is not working. It powers on, but the display shows "SENSING" and shows ".45" in the display. Anyone out there with the details on entering into diagnostic mode and a list of error codes?
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    110.68092700 Kenmore Elite F40 code now F2 code

    So my Kenmore elite dryer stopped working last week and gave me an f40 code. I removed the panel and smelled as if the board had a burning smell. I replaced part# W10111616 with part number 3978982 and upon trying to start the dryer; it acted as if it wanted to start but instead made a clicking...
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    MDG9806AWW Maytag Dryer Squealing and Rumbling like Crazy

    This is a Maytag Model MDG9806AWW ; Roughly 17 years old. Recently the Motor failed : In the process of replacing the Motor I also replaced : Drum Roller Pulleys and Axles Idler Pulley Drum Belt Blower Wheel Engine Glides I made sure everything spun freely : Manually turning the drum it...
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    Maytag Atlantis Dryer MDG7600AWW continuous buzzing/humming when not in use

    My Maytag Atlantis Dryer just started with a continuous low buzzing/humming when not in use. It still works well, but now with this noise, which seems to be coming from below the door as far as I can tell. Any guidance would be most appreciated!
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    110.85866400 Kenmore Dryer heard the beep and a "POP" sound along with a burnt electrical smell

    110.85866400 Kenmore Dryer heard the beep and a "POP" sound along with a burnt electrical smell Hello everyone, I am in need of some appliance help. I have a Kenmore Dryer M#110.85866400 and it was not working. Originally, I threw a load of wet clothes in and pressed the button, heard the beep...
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    Maytag Bravos XL Dryer Burn Marks

    I’ve spent an hour Googling this but can’t find any previous posts that match my problem: the “grate” [I believe that’s what it’s called - the vent inside the dryer] is leaving black, crusty burn marks on clothes. The burns are patterned identical to this vent with small circles on them, and...
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    Hotpoint NVLR223GG7WW Loud Squealing during operation

    I am trying to understand what is causing the loud squealing heard while my dryer is operating, and what steps to take for repair. Video is listed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhIU5rkCNv8 Thank you for your help!
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    Samsung dryer DV400EWHDWR/AA stops and continues to do this every 5 to 8 seconds

    Hello my Samsung dryer starts then stops and continues to do this every 5 to 8 seconds. There is no code. Can you help?
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    FIXED FEX831FS2 Trying to remove the front panel of the dryer on the frigidaire stackable.

    Trying to remove the front panel of the dryer on the fridgedaire stackable. My son dropped something into the gap when I had the lint filter removed and I am trying to get it out. Already removed the top four screws and have part of the top off but the bottom seems secured. I am not sure if...
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    GUD27ESSMWW GE stacked dryer shutting down mid cycle

    GE Stacked Dryer Spacemaker GUD27ESSMWW. My first thought when I saw it shutting down after 20 minutes or so was a thermal fuse had gone bad. I tested for continuity and all fuses were ok. It doesn't seem to be associated with heat though. I start it on cold, and after starting and restarting...
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    DPGT750GC1WW GE Harmony Dryer no power when plugged in

    The GE Harmony gas dryer has no power when plugged in. No display, light in tub.. nada. Left it unplugged for about 30 minutes, after reading posts to leave it unplugged for a while, and still nothing when plugged back in. Power to the outlet is good, not a breaker issue. It's been working...
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    592.891070 Kenmore Front Loading No heat

    Hey Guys, I am new here and trying to get my dryer working. So i originally had took it apart and seen that the element had several breaks in it. I had replaced the element got it back together and it start to work, but barely. I reopened the thing and noticed i had grounded out the element on...
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    417.61712510 Dryer Codes E51 E71 EA3

    Working on a Kenmore 61712 stacked washer and dryer combo. Purchased it used very cheap almost a year ago for a rental, never had issues, until now. The dryer starts to run for about 2-3 seconds and then shuts off. This unit is installed outside in a carport, it has a roof covering it from...
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    WHD560CHW Whirlpool electric dryers

    Wondering if any of you have any experience with these new vent-less heat pump dryers. I am a maintenance guy at a 240 unit midrise all of our apartments have their own laundry. Currently we are using WED75HEFW0 models. They are great only issues im having are more to do with poorly planned...
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    FIXED 110.60942990 Kenmore Elite - On going overheating issues

    Short version - I'm regularly tripping the Heating Element Thermal Cut Off, even after replacing multiple parts. Kenmore Elite 110.60942990 Electric Clothes Dryer Long Version -About a year ago I had no heat, tested and verified the heater element was bad. Replaced that and all was well...
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    417.81122310 Kenmore Dryer shuts off 10 seconds after starting and the cycle status LED lights blink

    Happy New Year everyone! I have a Kenmore Dryer shuts off roughly about 10 seconds after starting and the cycle status (drying, cool down, wrinkle guard) blinks. Error code E4A. Anyone knows what the blinking means and what could possibly cause it? I've cleaned it out thoroughly including the...
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    FIXED Maytag SDE3606AYW Noisy and Cuts Off

    I have a Maytag dryer model SDE3606AYW that is making a noise when turned on. I have replaced the rear bulkhead rollers, replaced the idler shaft and pulley, the drum glides and felt pads and installed a new belt. The blower wheel was cracked so I replaced it. And the motor spins freely. After...
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    MDG7500 Felt Gasket Cement

    The felt gasket/bearing for the drum, has come partially off at the top of the front of the dryer. Looking at the parts site, I see the gasket and then the suggestion to buy a tube of high temp cement. Which costs 2x the gasket. I am actually not certain that I need a new felt gasket, but I...
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    417.92702200 Kenmore Laundry Center - Light Thumping in Dryer

    Thanks in advance for your help. I have a Kenmore laundry center (417.92702200) that was in a home I bought in 2014. This is a stacked dryer. Recently started making a light thumping sound every 1ish seconds followed by 2 short tapping sounds (happy to send audio). Initially, sounded...
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    Amana Dryer won’t turn on no continuity thermal fuse or start button

    Dryer won’t turn on amana 3 yrs old, I checked the continuity is open for both the starter button and the thermal fuse, would these too go at the same time? Don’t wanna buy and replace those if something else is causing them to go or broken as well, I can’t figure it out