1. R

    Whirlpool WED4815EW1 Dryer Timer Does Not Advance

    The dryer gets hot and runs fine, but the timer will not advance and it will just run indefinitely. So we have to always set a timer and remember to stop the dryer. Any help with what could be wrong with it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. T

    110.66712692 Kenmore 70 Series Dryer not starting

    I am having issues with my Kenmore 70 series Dryer. For the past few months the dryer would run, but then i would come down to wet clothes and the timer stopped in the touch up section. Every time this happened it would trip the breaker. I would reset it and run it again and it would run again...
  3. E

    Maytag MCE8000AYQ Dryer Scraping Noise After replacing, Belt, Motor, Drum Felt Seals, Blower Wheel & Drum Glides

    Hi, Newbie to Appliance Blog here... I've got one of the old Maytag MCE8000AYQ Drying Centers that stands about 6' high and has the delicates drying cube on the top with the screen racks and the hangers that shake back and forth. We have had it for about 17 years and love it so much that we...
  4. S

    Reliable Washers & Dryers

    I found an old thread from 2015 with some great recommendations and lists of most reliable brands of washers and dryers. I have not found anything that's more up-to-date. I would imagine that those recommendations might change over time, especially with manufacturers chaning hands. Can...
  5. D

    FIXED YNED4655EW1 Amana Electric dryer - kerosene smell

    I’ve noticed my electric dryer has been putting out a kerosene smell lately. When I open the door as it’s running I smell it quite strongly. I haven’t noticed any transfer to clothing though. I have done some woodworking in the area recently so I was thinking some wood dust got in around the...
  6. C

    FIXED LG Dryer DLEX3470V Drum not spinning

    Hi everyone, I am hoping you can help me with my dryer issue. It is about 6 years old and the drum suddenly stopped working. Power to control board goes on and there is a click/relay sound from the circuit board when you try a cycle, but nothing else. I have tried to learn and do the testing...
  7. R

    GFD14ESSNWW Brand new GE dryer shuts off, says “Clean Filter”

    Hi there. Model #:GFD14ESSNWW Just had Lowe’s drop off our stackable washer/dryer. We vented it to the side. Went to dry clothes and it turns off after 2 minutes and “Clean Filter” shows ups. This happened the first time we used it, so it’s not the filter. Air Fluff is fine and the dryer...
  8. S

    FIXED 110.C67112600 Kenmore 200 series Dryer making a high pitched whining sound.

    Hello, I have an old Kenmore 200 series dryer. It recently started making a high pitched sound when running. I've attached a short sound file, sound starts at 4 seconds in. I thought it might have been the drum belt and replaced that. But the sound persists. Is it the drum bearings or is the...
  9. S

    Looking for timer for a Kenmore 110.87873100 dryer

    Hello, I'm looking for a timer for a kenmore 110.87873100 model dryer. The knob does not turn and the machine continues to run. Runs hot after hours so I know it' still heating. Are certain models of timers interchangeable? Thanks for responses in advance.
  10. A

    MDE4916AYA MAYTAG Dryer Delicate temperature way too high???

    Hello, I have a Maytag MDE4916AYA electric dryer about 15-20 years old that is in wonderful condition, except for that over the past 10 years, i've always felt that the DELICATES temp setting had no different temperature than the REGULAR temp setting. I never really did anything about it...
  11. N

    FIXED Kenmore 110.79133413 no heat, igniter is coming on, but then brakes halfway

    Hello Here is the Kenmore dryer with a sensor control panel. It runs, but not heating. The weird thing is that it has F4E3 (restricted airflow) and F2E1 (stuck button on the control panel) error codes while the only problem that really exists is no heat. The igniter starts to glow, but then...
  12. J

    GEW9250PW1 Whirlpool Dryer no power no lights suddenly.

    My dryer Whirlpool duet about 12 years old GEW9250PW1 was working fine the other day. I went to do laundry today and everything is dead. No power at all lighting up on dryer. I did not notice any dimming before it seemed ok. is it the interface ?
  13. F

    EIMED60LSS0 Electrolux Dryer Odd noise

    For the last few days, I have been hearing this rattling noise towards the end of a longer dryer run. Any ideas what the cause might be?
  14. M

    DG19CS Maytag Dryer - Stains on clothes

    I have had an ongoing issue with oily stains on clothing. I assume caused by/in the dryer since air dried clothes do not have stains. I have replaced drum felts front and back, drum glides, door gasket, drum rollers, and I cleaned the drum baffles, Yet staining continues. Any suggestions to...
  15. F

    FIXED CGP2961EW1 Whirlpool Coin Operated Dryer Time Programming

    Hello, I have been attempting to change the dry time on an old coin operated Whirlpool dryer, the model and serial are below. I am able to access the service switch, and am able to get the display to go to the time by pressing “start”. If I press “heavy” (high) it increases the time by ten...
  16. K

    DV350AEP/XAA Samsung Dryer shutting off and led's fade in and out

    My samsung dryer DV350AEP shuts off after a few minutes of drying. When I first start it, it will run for maybe 3 to 5 minutes and then go to 1 minute and shut off. It does start right back up. The second time I start it, it will run for maybe a minute or two and then the led lights may...
  17. B

    Samsung DV350AEP dryer won't heat after replacing heating element

    Hi, My samsung dryer suddenly stopped heating. I opened it up and cleaned all the lint and replaced all the parts in the heater unit (heating coil [10 ohms], fuse [0.1 ohms], high limit [0.1 ohms]). I also checked the thermoster [9000 ohms room temperature] and the thermoster fuse [0.1 ohms]...
  18. sbuckner021

    DV400EWHDWR/A No Power To Dryer Display

    Currently there is no sign of power to the dryer. [1 week before power issue] Power to display assembly/appliance is normal Dryer functioning normally START button becoming intermittent but still working [the day of the dryer no longer functioning] Power to display assembly/appliance is...
  19. T

    FIXED WED9200SQ0 Whirlpool Duet dryer thermal fuse problem

    I have replaced the thermal fuse in my dryer about three times since owning it (a long time). It always fires right back up after the same issue of not starting. It is doing the same exact thing (all buttons work and board lights up) by clicking and not starting. I ordered two new fuses and...
  20. A

    FIXED DV45H7000EW/A2 Samsung dryer not heating

    dryer runs but no heat. took dryer apart, element is good - 11 ohms, new thermistor, high limit fuse is good, therm sernsor is good, wiring is good, motor contacts work, BUT NO HEAT. relay on PCB never makes contact. have 3 control boards and none of them work - relay never makes contact to...