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    Bosch Ascenta Dryer WTB86200UC/02 - drain connection

    The protruding plastic piece on the back of the dryer that the drain line goes over broke off. I'm having trouble finding a part name/number to begin the search for a replacement. Any suggestions? I would try gluing it back on, but I don't have it. I bought the machine used. It otherwise...
  2. B

    Checked Everything, still blowing fuses - Samsung Dryer DV42H5200EW/A3

    After going through two fuses I decided to check everything. I replaced the fuses, thermistor, coil, motor assembly, idler wheel, belt and drum wheels, cleaned the blower, cleaned everything. I blew another fuse last night. I actually upgraded my venting a year ago from the cheap corrugated...
  3. C

    Kenmore Dryer 417.89390600 - Thermostat test question from newbie...

    Hello! I have an old stacked washer dryer set Kenmore 417.89390600. (new to me). It all seems to work but drying time seems slow. I've blown and vacuumed lint trap area and likewise along with rotary brush cleaned out exhaust hose. Heating element has continuity and measures 22 ohms. - I suppose...
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    Maytag Dryer MDE8600AYW drum not turning

    Hi all, Older electric dryer's drum stopped turning. Sounds like the motor's running, and there is plenty of heat, just no drum turn. I'm generally pretty handy, but I've never repaired a dryer before; can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Robbie
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    592-8905701 Kenmore/Samsung dryer dies and then works after a while.

    I have a Kenmore dryer made by Samsung, and it will run for about half an hour, then completely die, No power to the control panel or anything. It will not power on unless I let it sit for a while, then I can power it back on and use it again. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing to do with the heating...
  6. T

    Whirlpool Dryer GEW9250PL1 Control Panel will not turn on

    Good Afternoon, I have a whirlpool duet washer and dryer. The dryer control panel will not turn on when you push the control on button. There is power to the unit because the inside light turns on when the door is opened. I...
  7. V

    Kenmore Dryer 592-89032 01 randomly shutting off + led flickers off

    Hey guys, We've had our Kenmore dryer for about 9 years. Recently I've been having trouble turning on the dryer. Sometimes I have to press the power button several times. At times the panel shuts off instantly once I release the power button. Sometimes I will be able to run the dryer for...
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    Maytag Dryer MEDB835DW4 Spins too fast / Doesn't tumble right

    From day one this dryer has been spinning too fast, causing the clothes to clump up and ride the drum rather than tumble. I took a 10 second video and counted the revolutions and it is spinning at roughly 60 RPM. I have read that 40 RPM is more the ideal tumbling speed, meaning our drying is...
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    FIXED LG Dryer DLG2141 Drum Baffle issue

    I have an LG Dryer (PN DLG2141) where the drum baffle looks to have come unscrewed from the drum (see pic below). I haven’t found the screws and don’t know the screw type, diameter and grip length. Are replacement baffles available and easy to install? It appears that the dryer front cover may...
  10. K

    WED8200YW2 Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum Dryer "Check Vent" light

    I've tried to be thorough and make sure this isn't a duplicate, but I've exhausted all suggestions I've found in other posts... The drier started turning on the "Check Vent" light a week or two ago, on every run. Using the manual time cycle does not do this, and I've learned elsewhere this is...
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    LG Front Loader Washers - WM3400CW vs WM4000HWA

    We have decided to buy an LG front loader washer and dryer. Does anyone know the actually benefits of the WM4000HWA over the WM3400CW? The 4000 washer and dryer are over $250 more than the 3400......is the extra cost worth it? Thanks!
  12. B

    Kenmore 417.98702891 Electric Dryer Won't Turn (Motor Works)

    Hey folks, I have a very nice and old model 417.98702891 all-electric Kenmore laundry center. The dryer has been temperamental for some time but finally it won't start. The motor seems to work since I can hear it try to turn but the dryer drum is very hard to turn and I just had all the felt...
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    Clothes Washer and Dryer

    My family and I will be moving into a new house next month and the clothes washer and dryer are not included. I was wondering what the best brand and model for a family of 3 would be. I haven't purchased appliances in over 15 years so am not up-to-date on new technologies. Should we look at top...
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    GTD72EBSNWS GE Dryer no power

    My dryer stopped working. no power whats so ever. hooked uo multimeter to wall, i got 240, even checked the power cable. and all is good. dont know what to do. maybe there is a fuse internally idk yet. help if you can.
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    Whirlpool WED4815EW1 Dryer Timer Does Not Advance

    The dryer gets hot and runs fine, but the timer will not advance and it will just run indefinitely. So we have to always set a timer and remember to stop the dryer. Any help with what could be wrong with it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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    110.66712692 Kenmore 70 Series Dryer not starting

    I am having issues with my Kenmore 70 series Dryer. For the past few months the dryer would run, but then i would come down to wet clothes and the timer stopped in the touch up section. Every time this happened it would trip the breaker. I would reset it and run it again and it would run again...
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    Maytag MCE8000AYQ Dryer Scraping Noise After replacing, Belt, Motor, Drum Felt Seals, Blower Wheel & Drum Glides

    Hi, Newbie to Appliance Blog here... I've got one of the old Maytag MCE8000AYQ Drying Centers that stands about 6' high and has the delicates drying cube on the top with the screen racks and the hangers that shake back and forth. We have had it for about 17 years and love it so much that we...
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    Reliable Washers & Dryers

    I found an old thread from 2015 with some great recommendations and lists of most reliable brands of washers and dryers. I have not found anything that's more up-to-date. I would imagine that those recommendations might change over time, especially with manufacturers chaning hands. Can...
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    FIXED YNED4655EW1 Amana Electric dryer - kerosene smell

    I’ve noticed my electric dryer has been putting out a kerosene smell lately. When I open the door as it’s running I smell it quite strongly. I haven’t noticed any transfer to clothing though. I have done some woodworking in the area recently so I was thinking some wood dust got in around the...
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    FIXED LG Dryer DLEX3470V Drum not spinning

    Hi everyone, I am hoping you can help me with my dryer issue. It is about 6 years old and the drum suddenly stopped working. Power to control board goes on and there is a click/relay sound from the circuit board when you try a cycle, but nothing else. I have tried to learn and do the testing...