1. Leondreed

    GDF620HMJ2ES GE dishwasher not drying

    question for Jake GE GDF620HMJ2ES not drying. Just replaced flood switch Jan 7. Could it be dirty? (Is this the cause?) thanks!
  2. B

    GE Dishwasher PDT715SMN2ES Not Drying or Heating

    Dishwasher is 1.5 years old and has worked perfectly until recent. At first I thought it was just an issue with my dishes being wet after a cycle was ran. After watching it now I notice the water does not seem to get hot anymore, in the past you could feel the side of the cabinet and it would be...
  3. C

    FIXED GDF540HMF4ES GE dishwasher still not heating/drying, tried multiple things, what's left?

    Model Number: GDF540HMF4ES I've taken apart and thoroughly cleaned everything, the old Flood Switch was indeed bad, replaced with new one & verified correct reading before installing. Heating element resistance is 16 ohms (correct?) Rinse aid dispenser is topped off. Diagnostic mode (Start...
  4. Z

    SHY66C05UC/14 Control Board wiring instructions

    I was having problems with my Bosch dishwasher where the cycle would never end. After troubleshooting I decided to replace the control board. I purchased a refurbished board and the dishwasher is cycling properly but the dishes are coming out wet and some of the dishes are not coming out...
  5. E

    Whirlpool Not Drying Completely

    Closer to 5 years old. Washer does heat during the dry cycle, but recently dishes are not as dry once the cycle is finished. Any advice on where to begin troubleshooting? Thx, Ed
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