dual fuel

  1. M

    Wolf Dual Fuel DF48 Oven Temperature stops at 350

    Wolf Dual Fuel oven temp while in Bake mode set to 350, will rise to 350 and all the while the display switches back and forth from the set temperature (350) to the actual temp as it heats. Once it reaches set temp red light goes out (no longer calling for heating element) and signal sounds to...
  2. Dwhenry

    790.75503202 Kenmore Oven won't heat up right

    Suddenly oven won't heat up right. It takes forever to get to 160 and then stops. I googled oven won't heat up several times and found a video that was about the 5 most common causes and checked them out with my meter. The Bottom element continuity checks out, but it never turns red getting it...
  3. S

    KDRP407HSS13 No display, oven not working, oven light not working after last use

    after last using the oven a while later we noticed the display was dead. Reset circuit breakers (which were not tripped) still no good. Also noticed the oven light will not go on either. The gas cooktop and ignitors work.
  4. L

    Kenmore Dual Fuel Range Model Number Missing

    Bottom line: I need help finding the model number and ultimately need to know how to remove the door and/or how to find an Owner's Manual. I have a Kenmore Dual Fuel Range which we purchased in 2004. It has been a wonderful workhorse for lots of dinner parties, and then the oven door began to...
  5. H

    790.75503204 Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel Range - Replace Door light switch

    Hi All, First time post! I need help with replacing my door light switch on the main oven of my range. I have the part. I am unsure if I need to remove the right side of the oven or open up the top where the burners are. Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel- Model #790.75503204 History: About a year ago...
  6. G

    GE Cafe Dual Fuel- The Dreaded F7

    Periodically get the F7 under humid conditions. The cancel button kills the code, but shortly it reappears. Have to unplug for a bit and then it could work for a month or two. Been occurring off and on over the last year and a half. Oven functions much more than it errors. I've read the other...