1. L

    Whirpool Duet Sport Dryer won't turn on but has power

    My Whirpool Duet Sport (WGD8300SW2) gas dryer won't power on. I've replaced the thermistor and the thermal fuse recently so those are fine. I've also checked continuity between the plug and the control board which seems to be good. I know it's receiving power because the interior light comes on...
  2. J

    FIXED WFW9150WW01 Another problematic Whirlpool Duet - Not spinning

    I'm not sure who you good people are, but I have already benefited immensely from reading threads on this website. I didn’t think I would need to post anything, but, well, here I am. I moved into a home with a Whirlpool Duet washing machine (WFW9150WW01) manufactured in 2010. I have no idea...
  3. R

    FIXED Multiple error codes F08-E01, F05-E02 on Whirlpool Washer WFW85HEFC1

    Hi there, I'm receiving multiple error codes on my whirpool WFW85HEFC1. The error codes are as follows F03 - E01 - Pressure switch/sensor fault F06 - E03 - Communications fault F05 - E02 - Door lock fault F08 - E01 - Waterfill fault I've looked up the error codes for these, and am just...
  4. M

    WFC7500VW2 whirlpool washer F13 error message

    Hello, When I try to run the washer on a cycle the door locked button and the wash button start blinking and it won’t start. I run diagnostics and sometimes it won’t work but when it does I keep getting an F13 code which I thought was the door lock and switch is the control board next to be...
  5. W

    Whirlpool duet washer WFW72HEDW0 - locked and errors - possible drain malfunction

    Hi Everyone, I have a 5 year old Whirlpool duet WFW72HEDW0. For the past while it has been locking up with error messages. E01 F03. Sometimes this will occur at the start of the wash (presumably when its checking to see if needs to drain anything), other times it will occur when the wash is...
  6. T

    FIXED WED9200SQ0 Whirlpool Duet dryer thermal fuse problem

    I have replaced the thermal fuse in my dryer about three times since owning it (a long time). It always fires right back up after the same issue of not starting. It is doing the same exact thing (all buttons work and board lights up) by clicking and not starting. I ordered two new fuses and...
  7. D

    Whirlpool GEW9250PW1 Dryer squeaky when running

    I have a whirlpool GEW9250PW1 I bought in the fall of 2007. It's ran good for the most part. Had one power board that went out and we replaced then a couple years ago the front panel lights and buttons all stopped working. Tried unplugging and plugging it in several times with no luck. I pulled...
  8. Barrow171

    GEW9200LW0 Whirlpool Duet dryer not heating.

    Hello , i have a whirlpool duet model GEW9200LW0 that stopped heating. I've checked the thermostats, thermal fuse, thermistor (10.7 at room temp), and the heating element and they all check out. Controll board maybe....i haven't gotten any codes on the screen except for pf once after i flipped...
  9. S

    Whirlpool duet WFW9200SQA12 front load won't spin

    It fills up but when it enters the spin cycle there is just a humming noise that sounds as if it is coming from the upper front of the washer and it clicks a couple of times... How do I troubleshoot this??
  10. D

    FIXED Whirlpool Washer WFW9150WW00 won't drain and won't complete cycle

    I have a Whirlpool washer, model wfw9150ww00. At first the problem was intermittent - it would stop midcycle, not drain, with 3 rapid chirps. The door stayed locked. I was able to reset it and get it working again by flipping the breaker. That no longer works now. I have run the diagnostic...
  11. A

    WED87HEDW Whirlpool Duet Dryer Won't Turn On/Zero Power

    About a month ago I noticed my dryer was taking forever to dry clothes. Now it won't even turn on! I did check to make sure it was plugged in properly, and checked the breaker, and it was fine. Could it be a fuse? Please advise!
  12. B

    WED9200SQ0 Dryer tripping breaker, new electrical panel, replaced heat element

    Apparently, the 3-4 year old washer/dryer set is actually 11 years old after looking up the date codes on whirlpool. Pretty frustrating!!! Makes a whole lot more sense why I'm having issues. Ok, here goes: 1) Buy dryer 5/9/18 used. Install on my pretty old electrical panel. I had to replace...
  13. D

    GEW9250PW1 Whirlpool Duet control panel does not work

    Whirlpool Duet control panel does not work....probably because I initially mis-wired the plug.... Hi, I have a used Whirlpool Duet dryer I just installed. During installation I had to change to a four prong plug, and accidentally put the neutral (white) leg on one of the outer screws. When I...
  14. V

    Whirlpool duet model GHW9100LW2 Intermittent F11 & FDL Errors

    Our Whirlpool Duet GHW9100LW2 has been giving intermittent F11 & FDL errors for a few years.... we put off the inevitable as long as we could manage, but the errors have become more regular. In reading the research include very helpful info on this site, my understanding is that, with the...
  15. S

    WED9450WR0 Power on is flakey

    Greetings, I have the above electric dryer and often when turning on the power, the displays turn on and then everything flakes out. Sometimes all goes dark - other times displays are partially lit. Cycling the power button until it comes on normally usually works. However it is getting...
  16. B

    FIXED Whirlpool Duet GEW9250PL0 Not Heating

    Greetings, This is my second post on these forums. The first time was the beginning of September of last year. My dryer was acting funny and Jake assisted me in getting a new User Interface. All was well until this past week when my dryer stopped being able to heat up. Everything else works...
  17. G

    GEW9200LW0 Duet Dryer Won't shut off in Automatic Mode

    Our 10+ year old Duet dryer has been a workhorse for many years, but now we're having an issue with the automatic mode.....We can start a load on one of the automatic modes and the dryer will heat and tumble, however it will not sense when the clothes are dry and will not shut off automatically...
  18. M

    GHW9400PW0 Whirlpool Duet HT F-33 Error Code

    Help! My Whirlpool Duet HT washer (Model GHW9400PW0) is giving me an F-33 error code. I've searched online and found that this error could be associated with a faulty connection between the motor control board and the drain pump. I've checked that and everything seems to be good. In the...
  19. E

    Whirlpool duet gas dryer GGW9200LW0 No longer heating.

    Hello everyone, I was given a whirlpool duet gas dryer for free. I hooked it up and it worked great for a few times. But...it kept tripping the breaker and now the dryer doesn't heat. (I live in a small mobile home and whoever installed the electric was a moron). We trip breakers all the time...
  20. T

    GEW9250PL0 "Slow" starting Duet dryer

    Got a head scratcher here. Duet dryer (serial # MS1508175) drum starts turning slowing as if the motor start winding is bad. Won't start turning at all with anything other than extremely light load (sometimes even when empty,). Just hums until motor overload trips. Checked and cleaned all four...

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