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    SHP65T56UC/07 Bosch Dishwasher - E15 - Tub Leak Possible?

    My dishwasher was showing E15. After draining the water to reset the float, I ran a rinse cycle. The water seemed to come from behind the padding at the far back (away from the door). After removing it, I can see the water coming from behind some polystyrene (part 0542). Is this an indication...
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    FIXED Zeolite Container seal leaking water on Bosch Dishwasher SHP878ZD5N

    We've had a recurrent E15 leak during the wash cycle, and I tracked the leak down to where the zeolite container goes up into the tub, on the inside back right corner of the tub. There's a black plastic ring under the zeolite container cover that looks cracked, and it's loose - it seems like...

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