1. leahh1

    FAFW3801LW5 Frigidaire Washer Wont spin, replaced control board and..

    Hello there, i am at a loss on what to do and need our washer in working order as i have a family of 4! our washer all of a sudden wouldnt start, says "no Spin" door locks, the lights turn on, but nothing after the door looks, did some looking online and found somewhere possibly control board...
  2. T

    Affinty Washer FAFW3801LW3 Not Spinning

    Looking for advice on the next step. I have an Affinity washer FAFW3801LW3 that keeps switching to "no spin" when I try to start it. I cleaned out the drain filter, and it worked fine for a couple of loads. Filled, drained, and spun appropriately. However, I just went to add a new load and...
  3. D

    LTF2940FS1 Frigidaire E23 code - pump is clear

    Hi, hoping you can help. Troubleshooting my mother-in-law's washer. LTF2940FS1. At times and for no apparent reason it will decide to not drain the tub during the cycle. We opened up the pump screen and made sure it was clean. The machine is reporting a code E23 - which is the "Drain...