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    FIXED Bosch Dishwasher SHEM63W52N, E24, and weak drain stream...

    Hi everyone, We've had this Bosch dishwasher for several years now and it's worked really well until last fall when it started throwing E24 codes. After some light research I cleaned the filter and tried running it again but the code persisted. I then checked the entire drain path and...
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    FIXED SHX7PT55UC/07 Bosch Dishwasher E24 Watertap Issue

    I've been working on this problem on and off for almost a year now. I started getting this error on my dishwasher in January, 2020. After troubleshooting, I realized I had a bad drain pump. I replaced the drain pump, and all was OK for a few months. Then, around April, I had the issue again, but...
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    FIXED SHE6AP05UC/03 Intermittent E24 error code?

    Hi all, I'm getting an intermittent (but more and more frequent) E24 error code when I start up the dishwasher. It seems that when it starts the pre-cycle routine, it runs the drain, which works fine, but when it goes to fill... no water and then E24. Wait 20 min or so, try again and works...

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