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    Frigidaire Gallery Electric Dryer GLER331AS2 timer wiring help/plus issues with to much heat/burned up element /scorched clothes. Please help

    My dryer wasn't heating well. It was taking around 2 and a half cycles on high, timed dry to get our clothes dry. So I took the front off, took out the drum and stated cleaning out lint. Unfortunately the top that was propt against the wall fell back behind the dryer. This pulled all the...
  2. W

    DV56H9000EW/A2 Samsung Dryer no heat - I've replaced everything

    Hi all - Title says it all. I have had this dryer for about 8 years and its worked perfectly. A few weeks ago, the belt popped off - so I took the dryer apart and replaced the tensioner arm. While I had it apart, we vacuumed out the inside and got rid of a ton of lint and debris. Put it back...
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    FIXED Admiral Dryer AED4675YQ1 Not Heating

    I have an Admiral AED4675YQ1 Electric Dryer, that is not heating. I have tried the Element, Cycling Thermostat, Thermal Cut-off, High Limit and Thermal Fuse. Could it be the timer? It came on once while I was turning the timer and trying it out. Thanks in advance for your help. Larry
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    FIXED GE GFT14ESSM0WW Ventless Dryer Has no heat.

    I have a GE GFT14ESSM0WW ventless dryer, and recently it stopped heating. The owner's manual recommends checking the fuse/breaker because it still turns on and tumbles. I checked the breakers and they are operating properly. Searching online I've found mention of thermal fuses being the...
  5. C

    DPXR473EW0WW GE Electric Dryer Not Heating

    Dryer GE model DPXR473EW0WW no longer heats. Is it just element gone out? Simple swap out?
  6. B

    Kenmore dryer not heating - next steps?

    First of all, thank you all for providing such a wealth of great information! I have a Kenmore 700 series electric dryer (110.67741600) that is about 6 years old. The unit will turn on/tumble, but stopped producing heat a few days ago and I cannot determine what my next steps should be. Here is...
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    FIXED Kenmore 90 series dryer makes click sound when i push start button

    by the way, i could be off on the age of the dryer, it could be 10 years or older. But it is Electric and hooked up to a 220 outlet. the dryer worked flawlessly ever since its been handed down to me about a year and a half ago, the other day when i went to dry a load of laundry i filled up the...
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    Whirlpool Dryer Randomly Shuts Off!!

    I have a very frustrating intermittent electrical problem with my Whirlpool Electric Dryer model#:WED9150WW1. Every now and then then dryer shuts off in the middle of running and will not start again for a couple of days. All the lights on the control board are fine when the power button is...
  9. B

    Ground wire in door

    My dryer started making a thumping sound (like there were shoes in it) even if it was empty. It was balanced... just the noise. I took dryer apart to clean accumulated dust/lint - and lots of it. Never touched drum, rollers..only panels and wiring. I take pictures whenever taking anything...
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    Dryer low heat

    Electric dryer gives "lukewarm" air. Runs *forever*, eventually drying the clothes. Pulled washer/dryer away from the wall & disconnected vent tube -- no improvement. Air flow seems normal. The dryer is getting 240v. Does this dryer's heater have multiple elements? That's the only thing I...
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    [FIXED] Kenmore Series 80 electric stops on Auto Dry

    We have a Kenmore Series 80 electric dryer. Recently, it will only run for about 5 minutes on the Auto Dry I setting. It will restart immediately, but then quits again after a few minutes. It is heating up and otherwise running normally. It runs OK on timed and air dry settings. Thanks for...
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    Heat on then off (element,thermostat,or thermal limiter?)

    I think I have a lot of info, but I lack the experience, hopefully a skilled person can tell me a quick fix! I have a Frigidaire ELECTRIC combo washer/dryer station and have had problems with the dryer taking too long. It heats up, but just not hot enough. Here is the parts diagram I ran the...
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    Maytag Electric Dryer: SDE515DAYW -- ran great, now suddenly won't run.

    Hello, I have a Maytag SDE515DAYW Electric Dryer we bought just over 5 years ago and its been working flawless until a few days ago. It had finished drying a load (it was dry, but we weren't 'there' when it finished), and when we went to turn it on for the next load it didn't start, push the...
  14. Y

    Maytag dryer runs for 5 minutes and shuts off

    Dryer runs for 5 minutes then shuts off. Replaced timer but still has problem. No noises or drum binding. No odors. Most likely electrical. Could it be a bad new timer right out of the box? Thermostat etc?
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    kenmore 70 series dryer

    I have this kenmore 70 series dryer. I was not heating very hot and now doesn't heat at all. The timer doesn't seem to work now either because it won't turn off unless you open the door to turn it off. Is this two separate issues or just one? Thanks in advance for the help!! michellehenry
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    110.62922100 Kenmore 90 Series electric dryer not heating

    Kenmore 90 series electric dryer, model 110.62922100, serial # ML4551996, type DDOT-ELE-2406028-CV54. Tub spinning and internal light on, but no heat in 'auto moisture sensing' mode or timed dry mode. Thoughts ?
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