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    Whirlpool electric range YWFE550S0HZ front edge scorching hot when using oven

    Hi folks, I bought a Whirlpool YWFE550S0HZ and have found that the front edge of the cooktop gets scorching hot when using the oven. If you didn't know it heats up you could easily burn yourself. I have contacted Whirlpool and they said it is normal for this range, they "do their best" to...
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    38HN-6TVW Magic Chef Electric range no bake, but broil and stove work

    The oven stopped working on Bake setting, but broil and all four stove-top burners work. No heat at all on bake at any temperature. What could this be?
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    790.94204310 Kenmore electric range random power loss

    My Kenmore electric range model #790.94204310 recently started randomly losing complete power (clock and all) and turning back on within a minute. Does this sound like the controller? I have also noticed that the convection fan is much louder than when we bought the stove. I'm not sure if these...
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    EW30EF65GSC Electrolux While In Self Clean all the touch screen controls went blank

    While performing self clean all the touch screen controls went blank with the exception of the five top burner touch sensors which had blue dashes for each burner that were non responsive. I unplugged the unit immediately after noticing the issue and let sit for 15 minutes only to have the same...
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    RF302BXGW0 BROIL - OFF - BAKE switch not working

    The knob that controls the BROIL - OFF - BAKE function appears to not be "catching" and the stove is not able to turn on to bake or broil. Is this the way a switch normally just "dies" or might it be another issue? Stove top works just fine. I did not purchase this range, but it is from the...
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    1950's or 1960's Westinghouse CC-774 Electric Range Re-Wiring Help! I refuse to quit on this thing

    I have been doing what I can to restore a old 1950's or 1960's Westinghouse CC-774 Electric Range that was left with the house i just purchased. It would have been easier to just get a new stove but I think this thing is too is to rare and has too much character to just get rid of it. When I...
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    AER5830VAW1 - Replacement radiant surface element not working

    Both front radiant surface elements burned out within one month of each other. I ordered replacement elements, and installed them. The right front element works with no problem. The left front element will not work. I have tested the infinity switch by swapping it out with the exact same switch...
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    Looking for info on late 50s/early 60s GE electric range

    I recently purchased a home that included a vintage GE fridge and electric range. The fridge appears to be in working order, but I'm looking for some information on the range, namely wiring information. The range is direct wire, but I'm going to install modern plug. However, the wiring diagram...
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    FIXED FEFL63FSB Range & stove won't head after brownout

    Our Frigidaire Electric Range was working fine before a brownout a few days ago. Midway through I turned off power to the whole house. Today, first time trying to use it, the clock works, the bake button says it's preheating, but there is no heat generated, only the oven light, the clock and...
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    Kenmore 790.95423301 "popped" near control tower/panel, electric shut off

    Thanks in advance. I've been reading through this forum, and you guys are awesome! My wife was cooking on the two front burners: 1 had been on for slow-cooking for 6+ hours, 1 was on for about 15 minutes. There was a very loud pop noise (I heard it from another room) that came from near the...
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    Old Beach 22" Electric Range - Repair or Replace?

    It must be at least 25 years old - anyone know if it's by Beach Hamilton? It only says Beach so maybe not. Also, any ideas for locating the model number? I"m not messing with it if it's on the back or side. It's not in the fuse panel or inside the oven door. So here's the thing - it still works...
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    Kenmore Elite Electric Range 790.97473800 display & burner issues

    Hello, recently I started having issues with my Kenmore Elite Electric Range (model #790.97473800). I was hoping for some advice as to what might be wrong and what parts I need to repair this. 1). One of the 7 segment displays that shows the temperature number (Hi thru 9,8,7, etc.) is bad...
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    Kenmore Elec Range 790.95681301 - Loud pop

    We heard a loud pop when preheating the oven. Everything shut off - breaker had tripped. Resetting the breaker causes the F1 error code to sound/flash, and the oven initiates its door lock procedure. The stove top appears to still work ("element on" light goes on - element begins to heat up)...