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    Kitchenaid electric convection oven KEBS109BSS00 – Not Working, Display Panel out

    Jake, I hope you’re able to help me figure out my issues with my Kitchenaid (Model # KEBS109BSS00) electric convection oven that has recently stopped working. The front left hand part of the Oven Display recently lost illumination (buttons no longer visible), but there is still power to the...
  2. W

    NE58F9500SS Samsung slide-in range - Touch pad is hot

    The front touch pad on my 6 yr old Samsung (NE58F9500SS) slide-in electric range is warm or hot to the touch even after oven and burners have been off overnight. The touch pad is still lighting up and everything is functioning normally with all features on the unit working, but it is noticeably...
  3. B

    Kenmore 417.98702891 Electric Dryer Won't Turn (Motor Works)

    Hey folks, I have a very nice and old model 417.98702891 all-electric Kenmore laundry center. The dryer has been temperamental for some time but finally it won't start. The motor seems to work since I can hear it try to turn but the dryer drum is very hard to turn and I just had all the felt...
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    1920s Hotpoint RA65 Element

    I recently purchased a 1920s Hotpoint RA65 electric range and my son is in the process of rewiring it. However, the "thrift cooker" element (the well where the aluminum pot sits down in) broke when he was trying to remove it. Does anyone know where I could possibly get another one of these or...
  5. E

    FPEF3081KFF Frigidaire Electric Oven Slow to Preheat after Self Clean

    I recently ran a self-clean on my oven. It now takes a very long time to preheat (30+ mins to get to 350). The broiler also does not work. What could be causing this?
  6. C

    Installing a new dishwasher but Bosch wants the power under the sink for the junction box. It's behind the dishwasher. Can it be moved?

    I have done this before, installed dishwashers, but with the new Bosch I just got delivered it needs a junction box mounted under the sink. The power is behind the dishwasher, like every other one I have done and the manual says to specifically not mount the box behind the dishwasher as there...
  7. S

    1947 GE Refrigerator Freezing Everything - Project

    My 93 year old grandmother has not been using this refrigerator for many years and it was filling up her garage. Growing up I saw it in my grandparents house and I always dreamed of having it one day. My grandparents bought it new the year they were married in 1947; it was their first purchase...
  8. O

    RF110AXSQ0 Whirlpool Electric Range not working at all

    Hi, The range above stopped working all at the same time. The surface elements and the oven do not heat anymore. I can turn the surface elements knobs and it says it’s heating, but no heat on any of the burners. The oven also has no heat and the oven knob just clicks when I turn it on...
  9. A

    FIXED 790.42003605 Kenmore Pro electric double wall oven, temperature issues with the upper oven only

    Hi I am having temperature issues with the upper oven only. On display it would say 400 degrees but in actual ot would be far less than that. Maybe off by a 100 degrees. I have replaced temperature sensor already which did not help. Also it does heat up on bake and broil so it's not the heating...
  10. J

    970-687623 Kenmore (Frigidaire) Electric Oven slow to preheat

    Oven now takes extremely long to pre heat. Previously would take 15 minutes to preheat to 350 degrees. Now it wil take 45 minutes and only get to 233 degrees. The display box shows a solid red line on the bottom for 50 seconds then a broken red line on the top for 10 seconds. I have done the...
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    Electric question

    So I'm installing a new motor for my whirlpool dryer and one of the wires needs a new female disconnect. The volts on the wire say 600v but all I can find at the store are 300v rated female disconnects, would that be okay or do I need to order higher voltage ones online ? The motor is only 220v...
  12. N

    WHD560CHW Whirlpool electric dryers

    Wondering if any of you have any experience with these new vent-less heat pump dryers. I am a maintenance guy at a 240 unit midrise all of our apartments have their own laundry. Currently we are using WED75HEFW0 models. They are great only issues im having are more to do with poorly planned...
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    GE GHWN8355D0MC not starting

    Can anyone help me diagnose my issue? It seems to want to start, just doesn’t happen. There’s some wet rug under it as well, not sure how long that’s been going on either. https://youtu.be/T7JYsAvQ8F4 Thank you in advance!
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    JSP39GOR1WG GE Electric range - F2 Error - sensor checks out OK

    Hi All, I have a GE JSP39GOR1WG electric range. I've been having trouble with the oven staying at the set temperature for a few months, so I was planning on replacing the sensor anyway, but last week about 10 minutes into cooking I got the F2 error (overheat). It started intermittent and then...
  15. B

    40" Wide Electric range

    I need to replace an electric range from the 1980's that is 40" wide. To my surprise, that size is not available except for a single Frigidaire Gallery model that is priced over $3000. Any idea where I could find a more normally priced (500-1K) 40" wide electric range?
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    110.85861400 Wont start, wont run, wont heat.

    The other day my wife dried a load of cloths, nothing odd happened I know of. Went to dry another load machine and machine wouldn't run. Machine lights up, modes work, start button works, no error codes, timer runs down and indicates when finished, seems normal accept not running and heating...
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    FIXED 110.96581120 Kenmore electric dryer stopped; won't start

    Our 220 VAC dryer began stopping in the middle of a cycle a few days ago, but would re-start and complete the cycle. Today, it stopped in mid-cycle and won't restart on any cycle, even after cooling down for 1+ hours. I've tried: - Cleaning any lint out of all the internal and external duct...
  18. J

    FIXED Whirlpool Duet Dryer does not start

    Hello, My whirlpool duet dryer stopped working. All the lights come on, but when i hit start, the machine stays on "sensing" and counts down, but nothing else happens. Notes: - I do not hear the motor turn or even hum likes its on. - In diagnostic mode, when i press the start button, the...
  19. K

    Need Help Identifying Kenmore Freestanding Electric Range Model

    Does anyone know this Kenmore model? I have one and need to replace a door and the model information is no longer on the stove in all the required placements for model information. It is a Kenmore Freestanding Electric Range, Black and Stainless, Smooth Glass Surface Top. The picture is below.
  20. I

    DV393ETPAWR Samsung Dryer Making Loud Noise

    Electric dryer has been working great up until a couple days ago. Have had the dryer for about 1.5 years. Upon starting the dryer it makes a very loud noise and then quiets down a little but is still much louder than it ever was before. It almost sounds like the motor is loose? It does this when...
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