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    Maytag Gas Over Electric Heater

    Hi... This isn't exactly a repair issue (and I'm trying to learn about it so it doesn't become one.) We have a Maytag gas oven model MGS5770ADW. While we've had it for about ten years, we only recently noticed that there's a big heating element at the top of the oven, of the kind you'd find in...
  2. S

    Old dryer... is it gas or electric?

    I don't have the dryer in eye sight so I can't check the back, but I need to figure out if it's gas or electric. Does anyone know if this old model is gas or electric? The dryer needs some repairs, and I know many parts aren't being made anymore. Bummer, but maybe it's time for a new dryer...
  3. D

    Thermador Fault Code F11

    Our Thermador C301U built-in electric single wall oven suddenly started beeping in an irregular way and displaying the fault code "F11." We were not using it at the time. I tried opening the oven’s circuit breaker overnight, but it behaved the same way after I closed the circuit breaker again...
  4. C

    FIXED Kenmore 70 Electric Dryer won't start

    My Kenmore series 70 won't start. Using the timer selection dial, choosing any selection result is same- no start. Also, I noted that the timer stopped moving, although the dryer is getting power (light comes on when door is opened- and door switch shuts off the light when activated manually). I...
  5. J

    Whirlpool Inglis electric dryer won't heat anymore

    With help from this blog, my own dryer is now fixed. I told my relatives about it and now they want me to help them with their dryer! My cousin has an Inglis by Whirlpool. It's electric. Model # IED3300VD1. Type is DWJR-ELE-240606-FM54, if that's also helpful. The dryer can turn on and spin...
  6. L

    FIXED Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 Electric Won't Heat Up

    Hello, everyone: I unplugged my oven to do some remodeling in the kitchen. Ever since we plugged it back in, the control panel has not worked correctly. When we plug it in, nothing at all shows on the display, even though the light inside the oven works perfectly, both with its switch and...
  7. M

    Maytag Electric oven Broil on all the time

    May tag oven, Model CWE9000BDB Broil comes on when bake selected and does not turn off till F5 fault code some times followed by F2 fault code. Have tried clearing faults and resetting power several times as soon as you turn oven on and select bake broil element as well as bake element heat up...
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    Getting too hot and shutting off

    I have an electric Amana dryer, about 6 years old from what I've been told. Model# ALE331RAW, with the manufacture model# PALE331RAW. I've only been using it for the last two years. It started acting up a few months ago, getting too hot and shutting off. I always clean the lint screen after...
  9. C

    Bosch -Partially working

    A while back I had to pull out the dishwasher out to fix a hole in the back wall and I planned on installing an outlet and putting a male end of the washer side (mind you at this point, the dishwasher is pretty new and barely used). It was also working just fine prior to me pulling it out. The...
  10. R

    Jenn-Air Elec. Wall Oven temperature issues - strange behavior

    I have a Jenn-Air electrical wall convection oven 8114 P955-60 that is doing some strange things. It takes a while to heat up, sometimes it doesn't reach the expected temperature at all. Also, the set temperature needs to be roughly 100 degrees higher than what you want (for example; if you...
  11. B

    Intertherm hot water electric heater for room

    I have a room that was added later in the homes life. It is next to impossible to run my boiler hot water heating system to it, so they installed an intertherm hot water electric heater. This thing is a KW hog! It is also impossible to manage, it's either too hot or ice cold. anyone have any...
  12. L

    Bottom coil failure Hotpoint wall-mount oven

    HI, I cannot see the model number but it is an in-wall electric oven and it appears bottom coil is no longer working. Any ideas on what to try? MODEL IS ACTUALLY RK38 RK38 0J3WH SN HZ500184H KW: 4.3 CODE RK9 Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, guys!

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