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    MSD2556AEW Maytag fridge - compressor start relay connection help please

    20 yr old fridge old refrigerator - Maytag MSD2556AEW. Stopped cooling with clicking sounds from the start relay Old relay has 3 prongs and 3 connectors and one of the connectors had a double wire( 2 orange connected together as one terminal , one only white and third one only blue) The part...
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    JB910BK6BB GE Oven - Guide to removing electrical connectors on GE oven control board?

    Attempting to replace the oven control board on my GE oven. It seems that these simple looking single wire connectors (like the grey and off white ones shown below) don't simply pull off. It feels like there is some kind of locking tab, maybe, holding them on. I don't want to break the...
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    Replacement door has different electrical connector GE PSS27SGRCSS

    I have a 15 year old GE model PSS27SGRCSS fridge/freezer, and I have two questions, but I will do as separate posts. First, I recently had the freezer door replaced, but the new door was damaged. The service tech ordered me a second new door, which I got within a few weeks, but the technician...