electrical short

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    SHE68M05UC/50 BOSCH d/w shorted no power

    Bosch Dishwasher SHE68M05UC/50 Hi, Dishwasher shorted/has no power: The house supply line (hot/ black) wire came loose from the terminal block (L) at bottom of dishwasher and contacted the metal terminal box that the block is housed in. This did not trip house fuse breaker. Shut power and...
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    FIXED GDF620HMJ0ES Likely electrical problem - what have I fried?

    I have a fairly new dishwasher that recently stopped working. It seemed to stop after plugging in a battery charger into an outlet above the dishwasher, but I now think that must have just been a timing coincidence. No breakers had flipped. The dishwasher is hardwired to an appropriate 20A 120V...
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