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    FIXED Whirlpool Electric Stove Model WFC150M0EB0 stopped working after being plugged in (Clipped Terminal / Red Connection) PHOTOS INCLUDED

    I bought a used Whirlpool Model WFC150M0EB0 because my other stove kept burning the food. I plugged it in. (black, white, red and green wires from plug to stove) It worked fine (the stove top, the clock, etc) but when moving it against the wall, sparks few from outlet and heard a sizzle then...
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    Durastill 30h distiller wiring

    This should be an easy one to answer. Not complicated machine but not sure what type of wiring I should be replacing the old blown and burnt wiring to the heating and fan microswitch and terminal. The old wires one gray and two whites. One pic is of the burnt microswitch and wires of a manual...