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    Ice Maker need to be replaced | Model either: FRX26F7SC*4 or FRX26F7SC8 | Electrolux Canada

    This fridge is a side-by-side fridge with a dispenser through the door. The ice maker is not working. I called Appliance Parts Pros and they said the fridge is canadian so they can't get me an new ice maker unless I give them the ice maker part number. Do you guys have any suggestions for this...
  2. R

    FGHD2433KF1 Frigidaire Dishwasher Drain Pump Runs Continuously

    My son's dishwasher drain pump runs continuously. The only way to stop it is to open the washer door or trip the breaker off. Have checked the float switch, which I don't think would make this happen anyway. The switch has 14 volts when open and 0 volts when closed. That tells me that the...
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    Electrolux washer EIFLS55IIW Error Code 21

    When I try to start running any cycle in my washer, it grudgingly runs for about 3 minutes, stops, and displays "Error Code 21 - Contact Service." This started 2 days ago, before which it really didn't have any problems. The washer is still under warranty and I have contacted service; however...
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    Correct replacement circuit boards for EI23CS55GS1

    The refrigerator started making noise, loud fan type, then started warming up. After a power outage for 12 hours, it ran perfectly for a few days. Started warming up again. I read a previous thread here, and "Jake," suggested replacing the main board, and perhaps the display board. Can someone...
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    Call service error code 00

    Hello. I'm desperately need help. I bought this machine in 2011. Worked just perfect until mid of 2013. In June 2013 I moved to Russia. Took washer with me. Here I stored until now in storage. It was disconnected. Today I plugged it in connected everything and got that message on the screen...
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    CEW30EF6GSC Electrolux Freestanding Range Oven Overheating

    Hi Everyone I am having overheating issues with my oven. I have read everywhere online, talked to appliance repair people and tried troubleshooting myself with no luck. Originally I had a F-code come up, I believe F10, but can't remember exactly - it was a temperature runaway code regardless...
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    EIFLW55HIW Electrolux Doesn't Power On

    My Electrolux front loader recently flashed an E20 code, indicating that water flow was restricted in the drain pump. I gently laid the machine on it's side, removed the rubber boot and cleaned out a giant hairball that was surely the cause of the problem. I placed the boot back on, repositioned...
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    Oven doesn't work after running self cleaning cycle

    Hello experts!! We ran the self cleaning cycle for the first time, but the stove now does not work. Did the overheating thermo sensor trip?
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    Water collecting under crispers

    Our Electrolux FRT18IL6DMK has had issues in the past with water leak, a very minor one (originating just above the cup in this picture ). Now we've noticed that large amounts of water are pooling underneath the crispers. I checked the manual but didn't see any mention of this ( PDF of manual...
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    How do I change the hidden bake element in Electrolux EW30ES65GBB

    Hello, I need to change the hidden bake element on my Electrolux electric stove. There is a service panel, according to the parts diagram. I don't know how to remove the panel or if there is another way to get to the bake element. If anyone has a detailed explanation of how to get to the...
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    Replace hidden element in Electrolux E30EW85GPS?

    Hi, I'm trying to access the bottom element in the top oven. I can't seem to remove the insert. Anyone know how to access and/or replace the element in these ovens? I've scoured the 'net, but can't find any pictures, descriptions or videos. Saw a similar post for another oven on this site...
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    Simpson/electrolux possible water pressure sensor problem?

    I have a simpson (brand now owned by electrolux?) eziload 5.5 kg frontloading washing machine 45s558e , it's maybe 6 or 7 years old. A few weeks ago, I turned it on, hit start, and it turned on, filled up, then sat there and did nothing. (end light blinking 11 times) I manually drained...
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    Water/Ice Dispenser will not shut off after you remove your glass

    Last night when my husband went to get water from our refrigerator, the water would not shut off after he removed his glass. It shuts off a few seconds later. The same goes for the ice maker. I would like to try and fix this myself and believe that it could be the dispenser. Does that sound...
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    Electrolux EW23BC71IS6 Water Dispenser turns on automatically

    Hello all, My water dispenser is activating on its own without even being near the refrigerator It dispenses water for maybe 5-10 seconds (long enough to run down the door and make a mess on the floor. Sometimes this mess is waiting for me in the morning or after work. I did see it happen...
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    Electrolux wall double oven bake does not work broiler does

    Hi, Bake does not work in either the top or bottom oven. Broil, however, works in both. I have pressed reset on the thermal switch (fuse) and it did not fix it. Doesn't make sense both bake elements would go bad at the same time. Sounds like others have found the relays in the control board are...
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    Electrolux Dryer LED Panel works intermittently

    Hi All, We have a fairly new Electrolux dryer that has an LED (or LCD) panel that shows icons for temp, cycle time, etc... These icon settings are selected by physical buttons below the panel. The panel in question just started working intermittently which leaves you in the dark when it comes...

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