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    GE Dryer GFDR270 Has Issues with LED display

    We started experiences issues with our GE Dryer yesterday. The display shows partial numbers illuminated (0 looks like a u), missing the top part of the number. Multiple options are illuminated under temperature, when you press the button to cycle through low, medium, etc. The dryer runs and...
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    SVD48600B Jenn-Air oven fan comes and stays on when not called for

    A fan noise comes on when the oven reaches 220F (e.g. in convection bake) and stays on until oven cools off (way after oven turned off). Can't feel any exhaust air when this fan noise is on. No error codes. I've replaced the control board and insulated wire harness in the past (for other...
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    GE dishwasher -- fills with water and drains without cleaning dishes

    My dishwasher is a GE PDW8200 and it has not been working. What happens is that it fills up with water and stops making noise and then just drains the water without washing the dishes at all. I have checked the water inlet valve, the floaters, the base flood switch, the pump to the sewer, the...