evap fan

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    FGHB2844LFG Frigidaire evap fan tries to run but just cycles on/off

    Frigidaire model (FGHB2844LFG) Code SYEF comes in. Changed out fan motor and main board(2x). Fan cycles on/off rapidly for a few seconds then nothing. Code comes back in. Same thing happens when going to diagnostic mode 15. Fan tries to start a couple of times and stops. At the control board red...
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    FIXED PFE29PSDASS Fridge Still Warm w/ New Evap Fan; Freezer fine

    Hey Guys, I got a new (to me) PSD29PSDASS fridge and i go to plug it in and notice that the fridge portion isn't cooling at all, temp is 62deg F but the freezer seems to work fine, it overshoots temperature a little bit by reading -4 deg instead of 0 deg (setpoint). 1.) Investigated the fresh...
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