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evaporator coils

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    FIXED Kenmore 596.79213010 Refrigerator -- Enough with the manual defrost

    So I've moved in the new house over 2 years ago and it had this bottom freezer Kenmore 596.79213010 refrigerator. It's great.. until the coils freeze and the refrigerator compartment is not cool enough (the freezer would still stay cold for a while) and I have to force a manual defrost. I've...
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    Refrigerator MFI2569VEM1 not cooling, Evaporator frosted

    I have a Maytag MFI2569VEM1 refrigerator. The fridge was no longer cooling freezer was working fine. I noticed the evaporator coils were icing over. Evaporator Fan appeared to be running normally. After defrosting the fridge everything ran normal for about 5 days and unsurprisingly the same...
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    Arctic King MWK-25CRN1-MI4 Compressor Not Shutting Off

    Arctic King MWK-25CRN1-MI4 Installed through the wall Two Years Old A week ago (06/15) I noticed after about ten minutes that the compressor did not turn off. I took the front grill and filter off, and noticed that the fins on the evaporator coil were frosted white. I tried turning the...
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    253.28092801 Kenmore Elite upright freezer: uneven frosting on evaporator coils

    Hello My Kenmore upright freezer is unevenly frosting on the evaporator coils. There is frosting on the top but nothing on the bottom. See link for picture. I did not notice any ball of ice. I also feel that it is talking way too long to cool. Also the compressor is running very hot. Is this...

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