1. P

    Admiral fridge model ADT54080 Evaporator Fan died

    My Admiral fridge model ADT 54080 needs an evaporator fan motor but the model number seems to be of no help at all in finding parts, here's what it looks like, fresh from the freezer.
  2. M

    WRX988SIBM00 Whirlpool freezer evaporator ice pattern - sealed system issue?

    I have a freezer evap coil with ice accumulation only at the top around the copper refrigerant tube and wiring. The refrigerator won’t get below 42 Fahrenheit. The compressor runs all the time. Does this mean I need to replace the refrigerator due to a sealed system leak? The evap fan runs fine.
  3. M

    FIXED FFTR1821TD0 A perplexing riddle: EVAP fan goes on during defrost, off during cooling.

    My 18 cubic foot Frigidaire has the classic cold freezer warm fridge issue. I assumed it was the defrost timer so I replaced it. I also replaced solenoid and the temperature adjust thermostat. The evaporator fan works fine I tested it with direct 110 volts. When I turn the defrost timer advance...
  4. T

    Frigidaire Refrigerator FPRU19F8RFC sealed system issue.

    We are having an issue with our refrigerator periodically freezing food. We had a tech come out to evaluate and he is telling us we need a new compressor, evaporator, heat exchanger and filter drier. Does this sound correct? He never pulled the fridge from the wall so I’m not sure how he...
  5. jc00ke

    FIXED KRFC704FPS KitchenAid fridge RC evaporator completely iced up

    Hi all, First, this forum is the absolute best place to find debug info on appliances, so thank you to everyone that makes that happen. A few months ago we noticed water in the basement under our fridge but didn't connect the issue to the fridge until the RC warmed up. I pulled the shelves out...
  6. T

    LG Refrigerator LMXS30776S not cooling properly

    I have an LG LMXS30776S that I think is from 2015. Symptoms: Freezer at -12 to -16c (10f to 3.2f) even though setting is lower. Fridge at 10c (50f) or higher!!! Had a tech come by and replace the compressor/dryer two days ago, he also says he replaced the board. Parts were covered under...
  7. J

    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF555SDFZ bottom evaporator fan runs almost 24 hours a day and is annoyingly loud

    Brand new Model WRF555SDFZ. Any time the doors are closed, the evaporator fan motor in the bottom freezer starts running. I can hear the RPM step upward... the fan control circuit starts it off low and increases the RPM in multiple distinct steps until it reaches a "normal" RPM. But then the...
  8. M

    Whirlpool WRX735SDBM00 Fridge warm but ice maker working

    There is no air blowing out of the vent on the side of the icemaker that cools the fridge. The icemaker still works but the ice maker fan is running constantly to keep temperature. I inspected the evaporator fan in the back of the freezer compartment to verify it's running. I ran the diagnostic...
  9. J

    Jenn Air Refrigerator JS42CSDBDA needs replacement evaporator

    I am looking for an evaporator, the part number is WP12733801Q. The part is no longer manufactured and I can't find it on ebay, craigslist or online at part stores. What are my options for finding the part outside of where I have looked? Thank you for any suggestions!
  10. B

    FIXED RF263AFRS Samsung Refrigerator - Water seeping from pantry cool select vent

    Hey Guys , I am having an issue whereby water is seeping from the cool select vent. Not the evap or from the drain freezing up. I have already cleared all drain lines , installed the new heater probe and also replaced the evap panel as mine was rusted and water logged. Now water is not coming...
  11. T

    FIXED Whirlpool WRX988SIBM01 - Solving the monthly defrost ritual

    Hi - The evaporator in my fridge keeps icing up. Please help! Thanks - Steve Summary: I'm trying to verify that I understand what the fridge diagnostics are telling me, and then, what steps to take for repair. Details: About once a month, like clockwork, "something" (fans? compressor?)...
  12. B

    FIXED SCD23VBW Evaporator fan blade loose

    The evaporator fan went bad (it was humming when I accessed the compartment and would spin briefly if I flicked the blade but would seize up again). The fan blade was held to the shaft just by how tightly it fit the shaft. I have just received the replacement fan motor which says it is a...
  13. J

    In the market for a new refrigerator...can it be more complicated? Please help!

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the market for a new refrigerator. I'm looking for a standard depth 36" wide, french door fridge with a water and ice dispenser in the door. Nothing fancy and complicated; just something that's reliable, quiet and wont have issues for awhile (recommended model numbers are...
  14. L

    LMXS30776S/02 refrigerator not cooling, New evap. fan motor part# included

    Thanks in advance for reading and helping with this. This may get pretty long... I bought this LG LMXS30776S/02 refrigerator (Product Code GR-J31GHSJM.ASTCNA2) in Nov 2015 at Lowe's and after reading many of the posts from here, I realized that was a terrible decision... Around October this...
  15. R

    FRT18LRH Fridge / freezer not cooling enough....recently transported

    I just hooked up a new to me fridge and after 30 hours running the temperature in the fridge & freezer has only cooled to: freezer 5c (41f) and fridge 9c (48f). I can hear both the compressor and evaporator fan running and the compressor is warm (almost hot) to the touch. The seals look almost...
  16. B

    Frigidaire SxS not cooling properly

    Hello, new member here, I've done lots of research on previous posts with similar problems and wanted to ask what the experts here think of my situation. I just purchased on the secondary market what I thought was a working fridge to be my beer fridge/secondary meat freezer. However upon...
  17. R

    Brand New - Evaporator Frozen Solid

    We just bought a new French Door refrig 3 weeks ago, and the upper section for fresh food could not maintain the target 33 degree setting, and went up to 58 degrees, while the freezer and ice makers continued performing well. We moved our food out, and waited 3 days for a repairman to come. He...
  18. J

    GR-R466JTA fridge cooling, but fan not working properly

    Hi all, first post ever! I have an LG fridge model GR-R466JTA where everything appears to work properly, except the fan. It is cooling properly, but the fan does not run. When I push the door switch the engage the fan, I can hear the compressor switch on, and I can see the fan turn about 5mm...
  19. C

    evaporator fan not always starting condenser HOT

    I searched the forum a bit and I have a question. Upon coming home today my wife informed me of an electrical smell. I reduced it down to the refrigerator. The first thing I noticed was the divider between the two sides was hot to the touch. Then I pulled it out and took the back board/cover...
  20. B

    Freezer bottom freezing/top warm/Refrig warm

    I have a refrigerator that is approximately 6-7 years old and it is having a couple of problems. First we noticed that the water wasn't dispensing and then noticed water leaking from the freezer ice compartment (from melting ice). The bottom of the freezer still freezes water solid, but the top...
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