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    Electrolux EW23BC71IS6 ice maker mold issues

    tl;dr: What does it mean when both tests 51C (Th1 mold thermistor test) and 54C (mold heater test) are failing with code "SH", both with and without the mold wiring harness plugged in? I've had luck fixing the obnoxious ice maker in my Electrolux EW23BC71IS6 (software version 80) a couple times...
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    Electrolux EW23BC71IS6 Water Dispenser turns on automatically

    Hello all, My water dispenser is activating on its own without even being near the refrigerator It dispenses water for maybe 5-10 seconds (long enough to run down the door and make a mess on the floor. Sometimes this mess is waiting for me in the morning or after work. I did see it happen...