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    110.45081404 Kenmore HE4t Intermittent F06

    Two weeks ago we started to get the F06 fault code. We got it to work for a couple of weeks but it returned again. After much research and troubleshooting it appears to be either the MCU or the motor itself. I checked the wiring and all connections and it appears to be fine. I pulled the MCU...
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    Kenmore HE4t F06 and then F11 error codes

    Replaced the MCU to remedy F06 error code few months ago and no problem since until today getting a F11 error code. Reading where that might be a CCU issue. Is it possible that is was the CCU all along or the new error is unrelated to the original? Are there some things I can do to determine...
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    Kenmore HE3T Washer Issues

    Hi, Here is a little back story leading up to the issue at hand. My Kenmore washer (model: 110.44921.300) is a little over 10 years old. We have had zero issues with the washer up until this past month. This past month we had an issue with the drum not spinning at all. After reading the...