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    KESC307HBL8 Superba Range error code F2E3

    I've been searching all over this forum and via Google, Youtube, and even Kitchenaid's own website and still have my question: Is it time to get a new range? My Superba range is 16 years old. Over the past several years the oven would turn itself off, typically while in the midst of a long...
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    WTW5640XW3 Error codes F3E2, F7E6, F7E5 Washer won't start

    Error codes F3E2, F7E6, F7E5 Washer won't start, hearing CLICKS, Sensing and Lid Lock lights on. The Washer Settings are --> on Normal, Water-Cold, Load-Light, Spin-Heavy. When I press the Start button, Sensing Light is on, Lid Lock light is on solid. It won't start, I can hear Click, Click...