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    FIXED WRS325FDAB06 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Sounds like an airplane ready for take off

    I purchased this refrigerator brand new in August 2016. It has been on of the quietest refrigerators I have ever owned, until this morning. I woke up to what sounded like a small aircraft taking off from the kitchen. I took the bottom panel off in front where the water filter is and noticed the...
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    I need help to fix Samsung Fridge RS26TDAPN Frost Buildup.

    Hello all, Every two weeks I have to defrost my fridge: Please open here the IMGUR link to see more images to kind of see what the frost inside looks like. In this case the fan was not clogged and I deattached the back panel in my fridge because the air circulation was not right. But in this...
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    WMH32519HZ Whirlpool Microwave Loud fan turns on automatically

    I have this new microwave and the fan turns on automatically when I use regular cook setting. It is very loud and a lot of air is blown out at the top. I have never experienced this with other over the range microwaves. Thank you.
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    FIXED GTS18FBSARWW GE Condenser Fan Noise After Installing New Motor

    Hello! I'm not entirely sure how old my fridge is (I'm a renter and our landlord doesn't cover refrigerator repair) but over the last few months it began making a very high-pitched, squeaking sound. I located the source of the issue: the condenser fan motor. I ordered a replacement...
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    GE Cafe 2013 Ice Buildup

    Every 6 months since buying this GE Cafe fridge, the fan in the fridge makes noise, due to ice buildup in the panel behind the produce drawers creeping up and hitting the fan. My solution has been to remove the drawers, panel, etc and defrost the ice with a hairdryer, but inevitably the ice...
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    Light stays on with Door shut and Convection fan sounds like it's loose

    1. First my convection part of this microwave, the fan started to ding a ling a ling, the convection heats up but does not spread the heat, I'm thinking it's loose like a nut feel off or is loose, as i heard the fan sounds like it was hitting metal like it was loose. 2. My Microwave oven light...
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    Fan noise at front/top of built-in GE Oven

    Fan noise starts when oven is turned on, sounds like a fan motor that is sticking and thus not spinning at normal speed. More of a load-ish motor load hum than a fan to housing rattle. Oven is 16 years old (hinges replaced twice!) so not surprised if fan is tired. Sounds like the noise is from...
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    KFFS20EYWH00 Ice buildup on coils and back panel of freezer in french door kitchen aid architect

    The front side of the panel covering the coils in the freezer builds up ice crystals and behind the panel the top part of the coil builds up with ice. the fan begins to make noise after a while. I took off the back panel and defrosted manually with a hair dryer and that fixed the issue for about...
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    GE Profile Side by Side PS25NGNAWW Loud fan noise

    I have a GE Fridge and the fan (sounds like the freezer side) is louder than normal. It almost sounds like it is rattling. The temperature is fine but it does seem to be happening more frequently and more loudly. It's been going on for several months now. Is this something I should be...
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    GFSS6KKYASS Noisy fan / no ice

    Hello. My GE, side by side refrigerator, in the garage, is making noise when the fan is running. It stops when I open the freezer drawer. It sounds like something is in contact with the fan blades. There is a little ice behind the center shelf support I the fridge. There is very little...