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fan running

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    GSH25JSXBSS Freezer Cold, Fridge Sometimes Warm, Evaporator Fan Running

    Like the title says, I've got a GE GSH25JSXBSS where the freezer works great, but the fridge sometimes doesn't work. What's weird is that sometimes both sides will work great for weeks, then the fridge just decides to stop cooling. The evaporator fan spins, but it does sometimes get in a fit...
  2. A

    Samsung NE597N0PBSR, fan does not stop and an induction hob does not detect a saucepan

    I'm sorry if my English is not correct. I have repaired my samsung NE597N0PBSR E-84 Error. There was a diode bridge and 2 transistor jumps on the board you said to check after the PCB. The problem is now solved, the problem is that now I have the fan under the plates that never stops and the...
  3. M

    NX58H5600SS/AA Samsung Range - Fan wont stop running

    My Samsung Gas Stove Model NX58H5600SS/AA Fan will not stop running. I finally unplugged the oven as I didnt think it running for 10+ afters after only being used for maybe 2 hours was healthy for the appliance. I have read about Thermal Cut-offs, etc... however i cannot find any sort of part...
  4. G

    GE Microwave JVM1860BF001 Fan runs whenever door open, even when not cooking

    I have a GE Spacemaker XL 1800 microwave, model no. JVM1860BF001. It has a fan that, until recently, would only turn on while the oven was cooking. But now it starts running whenever the door is open. At first I was worried the oven was cooking whenever the door was opened, but no, it is just...
  5. K

    GD25DFXFW02 Compressor not starting

    Fan runs, but compressor not starting. Compressor tests okay with ohmmeter and getting 120V per red wire. I replaced the overload and what seemed to be a bad relay, but the compressor still fails to start. I tried testing the capacitor - seems okay via digital tests with ohmmeter. Is the...
  6. D

    GE side by side frig working but not cooling

    Hi My frig is running but not cooling. The fan in the freezer is working but room temp air coming out. The fan in the back is working. The compressor is running - feel a slight buzz when I touch it but it's not hot to the touch. Coils in the freezer side are clear but the frig has been out...
  7. S

    Kenmore Refrigerator making fan noise, stops when door is opened

    Purchased in 2011, Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 25.0 Cu. Ft. French door model # 795. 7160 The fridge makes a fan or motor noise most of the day. It stops when you open the door of the fridge, then starts up the moment you close the door. The noise can vary from annoying hum to flat out...
  8. D

    Freezer fan in GE built-in almost always runs

    This fridge came with this house; I'm guessing it's from 2008 since that's when they did a kitchen remodel. The fridge acted really weird recently (fridge section warm) and an appliance guy replaced both the control board and a thermistor in the freezer compartment. Now the temps are fine (or...
  9. A

    Frigidaire fridge PLRU1777DS0 not cooling,

    Fridge is not cooling at all. Fan is running, don't hear compressor coming on. I read on a different forum that a repair man just topped up the freon. Is this a possible diy task, if it was the problem? And how would I tell? Thanks for any help.

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