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  1. J

    KSCS25INSS00 Kitchenaid side-by-by side no longer cooling

    I have read many threads that cover many parts of my problem. Sorry to start a new thread but wanted to be able to explain in detail what I am experiencing and how I got here. refrigerator seemed to be operating Ok holding 37 degrees. Freezer was a little warm at 7 degrees. Side by side middle...
  2. A

    Jenn-Air convection fan barely moving

    My mom has a Jenn-Air duel fuel range/oven that is about 8yrs. old. She claims that the convection fan has never worked at all. (She bought it new). When I turn on the convection mode and watch it (door closed) it moves a teensy bit. I find it hard to believe that the fan motor was bad from the...
  3. H

    790.75503204 Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel Range - Replace Door light switch

    Hi All, First time post! I need help with replacing my door light switch on the main oven of my range. I have the part. I am unsure if I need to remove the right side of the oven or open up the top where the burners are. Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel- Model #790.75503204 History: About a year ago...
  4. M

    Light stays on with Door shut and Convection fan sounds like it's loose

    1. First my convection part of this microwave, the fan started to ding a ling a ling, the convection heats up but does not spread the heat, I'm thinking it's loose like a nut feel off or is loose, as i heard the fan sounds like it was hitting metal like it was loose. 2. My Microwave oven light...
  5. C

    RF260BEAEBC Fridge not cold. Do I need a new fan?

    Hello everyone. Thanks for participating on this forum. About a week ago the fan on the fridge starting making noise like it was rubbing on something. The noise would come and go, and could get quite loud. Then the noise stopped a few days ago. Right now the fridge is pretty silent...I...
  6. D

    ER8YHMXSL00 Whirlpool Fridge making a surging fan noise in freezer area

    Hello all, I really need some help on this. Our fridge has been making this surging fan noise recently and is no longer cooling as well as it used to. The surging is coming from the fan that is mounted on the back wall on the inside of the freezer. We have the thermostat maxed out now and it...
  7. T

    GE Profile Arctica - refridgerator is warm drawers are normal

    Strange one here, the top part of my refrigerator compartment in very warm at about 45-49 degrees F but the drawers are in the normal range as set on the digital controls and the freezer temperature is also normal. Temperature display reads normal 0/37 degrees, same as freezer and drawer...
  8. M

    Fan and light on when door open.

    Hi, The fan and light comes up when door is open, when locked no light or fan, only Magnetron is on(i suppose). I have changed all the micro switches. Tried all the trouble shooting whatever i have seen in google search. What could be the issue? Is it front control panel or wiring? I do...
  9. M

    Frigidaire double oven convection fan not working

    The convection fan on the upper oven is not working. Tested motor and unfortunately that's not the problem. Anything else I can easily test or do I have to replace the motherboard or something.
  10. C

    Wine Fridge works better with condenser fan off

    Hi all, got a strange one. Have a dual temperature wine fridge where the AC to DC adaptor blew for the condenser fan. The fridge was still keeping temperature but the outside sides of the cabinet were hot. Replaced the condenser fan AC/DC adaptor and now the fridge won't keep temperature, set...
  11. H

    GE JVM140H light and fan stay on

    Yes, it is old, and, maybe I should toss it. The interior light is always on. The interior fan runs any time the door is shut, even when not cooking, but stops when the door is opened (so I leave the door open). It cooks normally, and the humming ends when the timer counts to zero. I've...
  12. Mastro

    Armstrong Furnace Blower issue

    Okay, I have this Armstrong Furnace. The blower fan (label below) stopped blowing. On top of that, there were sparks coming from one of the bolts (circled below). The sparks ate the rubber washer. I "rebooted" the furnace, by turning the thermostat 20 degrees below house temp & hit the...
  13. S

    Kenmore Coldpoint not cooling, condender fan not spinning

    Hello everyone, We have had some unseasonably warm days in SF recently and my old fridge seems to have gone on the fritz. It is old, from 2001 but would like to keep it alive for cost reasons. It has performed great (came with the house we bought last year) but we noticed it does a loud clunk...
  14. J

    Is it always this loud?

    Bought a new WRF990SLAM from Lowes, and they delivered it a couple of weeks ago. First off, I love the features and how this thing looks. My only concern is the constant droning noise that emits from the belly of the beast. It'd driving me mad. I ran the diagnostics, and narrowed it down to...
  15. M

    FIXED Bosch Dishwasher Drain Pump Fins Broken... How to Replace?

    Hi All, I have a Bosch dishwasher that isn't draining. After a lot of experimentation I think the issue is that the impeller fins are broken. The impeller fan still spins fine, I tricked the dishwasher into thinking it was closed and ran the drain cycle for a second to check, but all of the...
  16. S

    Jenn Air D156 fan/light switch replacement troubles. Need experienced expert help.

    My Jenn-Air D156 is driving me nuts. It’s a real puzzle. For some years, everything but the down-draft fan/oven light rocker switch that sits in front of the downdraft vent was working fine. This switch is famously now no longer made… by anyone. It is two momentary switches in one, one side for...
  17. V

    GE JVM1540SM5SS Fan?

    Hello, My microwave is not doing what it supposed to. I am going out on a limb and assuming its the fan for the magnetron? During normal operation there are 2 distinct sounds. The first sound is a low hum, and within about a half of a second of hitting start the second sound comes in and its a...
  18. M

    KitchenAid Superba KSCS25INSS00 not cooling enough

    Last night we noticed that our freezer wasn't cooling enough. The ice cream was soft, the ice cube were wet. We've done the following since then: 1. We've unplugged it for 5 minutes and plugged it back in 2. We've confirmed tight door seals 3. We've confirmed that there is no frost or other...
  19. L

    Refer part not cold, top, freezer cold but iced up.

    I removed back cover. Fins not iced but ice on floor of freezer. Fan very hard to turn. I figured Hmm, easy fix. Removed fan motor and noticed that blades turned easily. Applied 120 VAC to it and it works fine. Puzzle, why is fan locked up when connected to it's power but works fine with other...
  20. M

    Compressor fan does not always run, overheating compressor

    Hoping for some repair direction, before I break down and get a tech in. We have a KSCS25INSS01 fridge, Service Sheet 2223419V. A few days ago I noticed the side-by-side wall getting warm. Took it out and sure enough, while the compressor was chugging away the fan wasn't going, and the...

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