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    795.71323411 Kenmore Refrigerator - Uh oh - think I broke the water filtration system!

    I have a Kenmore Elite: Model #: 795.71323.4111 dated June 2015 I moved into the condo with the fridge already here a little over a year ago. First time I've had a fridge that made ice - what a treat! The 'change filter' light came on and I ordered the proper filters from Sears. I had pulled...
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    Kenmore 665.16829 Unable to remove bottom filter/chopper guard. Need to clean under it

    The unit is leaving a lot of debris and film on dishes and I am sure this is the problem. I have removed the spray arm assembly, and got all of the hex screws out of the filter unit (WP8519553 is the OEM part#) but now I cannot remove that part. It appears to be held in place by the unit that...
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    GSE25HGHBHBB water dispenser problems (GE side by side), using MWF filter

    On this GSE25HGHBHBB refrigerator, about 3 years old, I have changed the water filter every 6 months as required. After the latest filter change, the water began coming out slowly in the following fashion: when depressing the water dispenser button, the water comes out slower than on the last...
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    FFHS2611LBB Frigidaire ONLY makes ice for short time until costly new filter is put in

    Our side by side Frigidaire freezer will only make ice for a short time without replacing ongoing new costly filters. The longest we've gone with use of a filter is six months, and as little as six weeks. We have even bought the 'dummy' filter in hopes of eliminating the cost of filters, but...
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    253.7041 Changed Filter and will no longer make Ice

    Filter light came on - I replaced filter with a new one, now it will not make ice. Tried a new filter, still will not make ice.
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    GHDA485N00CS How to disassemble GE QuietPower 3 filter

    I have taken apart the dishwasher and am cleaning it. The filter is dirty, but there are things trapped inside of it. How do I take apart the filter to remove the things inside? To be clear, I'm referring to this filter.
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    FPHB2899LFB Frigidaire water filter very slow - researched

    I have a Frigidaire FPHB2899LFB french door refrigerator. I've read a lot of posts about slow water issues with the Frigidaire water filters. I've replace filters Frigidaire brand ULTRAWF at least ten times - after about 1 month it takes about 15-20 seconds to fill a pint glass, after 2-3...
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    FIXED FGHB2844LF5 Changed water filter and now no water

    Frigidaire model FGHB2844LF5. It has the icemaker in the fresh food compartment instead of the freezer. I had an issue where the water dispenser was slow to start dispensing, and then was slow to stop by a few seconds. The ice maker was working fine. I replaced the water filter since that was...
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    RFG297HDRS Slow Water Dispensing even after replaced filter housing

    Hey guys, I recently had an appliance repair guy come out to see our refrigerator as it has been dispensing water very slow for quite some time. I narrowed it down to something with the filter because when I take the filter out, the water dispenses perfectly fine. I've also replaced the filter...
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    Black scum on bottom of dishwasher

    I have a GE dishwasher model GSM2100G02BB that sits under our sink. For several months I have noticed black scum on bottom and have (with increasing frequency) been cleaning it out, but it keeps coming back. I have removed the sump cover and sump cap ([parts 506 and 508) and have thoroughly...
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    Water Leaking From Behind Water Filter

    I have replaced the water filter in our fridge many times without a problem, but recently we have been getting water leaking from behind the water filter housing in the main compartment (its a side by side fridge). As I run cups of water it does not leak all the time. It only leaks every few...
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    FIXED Very low water pressure when filter present

    Well my refrigerator is giving me a double dose of fun lately. Within a short period of time, my ice maker puked and also we have very little (unusable) amount of water pressure from the water dispenser. The low water pressure started immediately following changing out a filter. I have always...
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    106.59912702 no filter in grill plate?

    Hi all, I just moved into a house where i have a Kenmore side by side fridge 106.59912702. The ice smells and tastes weird from the ice maker. There is a musty smell coming from the freezer even after being scrubed a few times. On my old Kenmore fridge there was a water filter in the bottom...
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    795.71053011 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator - seal and filter

    Hello, we inherited a SEARS Kenmore refrigerator (French doors with freezer at the bottom) when we bought our house. The seal is torn around the right side refrigerator door. Can you tell me what part I should order? Also there is a notification that the filter needs to be changed on the...
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    FIXED No water past the water filter.

    Hello, I have a 2008 Frigidaire FRS6R5ESBL side-by-side refrigerator. When the ice maker runs, it apparently drips water behind the sheet metal panels in the back. Eventually it build up and the ice starts interfering with the fan. It build up every couple weeks or so. And i can buy more time...
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    Not enough water pressure to move upper spray arm, lower arm moves only a little

    We've noticed poor wash quality on the top rack the last few months and now the lower rack has had similar problems. I watched the machine go through a wash cycle with the door open and there is lots of water getting moved around, but none going up the tube to the top rack and just enough to...
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    Amana/Maytag Water Filter Noise

    Hello, I just replaced my water filter on my Amana refrigerator and after filling water for a few seconds, it starts making a violent vibrating noise and the flow slows to a trickle. I do not have a bypass valve so I tried putting the old filter back on and it does not make the noise nor slow...
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    translucent particles in water after filter change

    We have recently changed out filter and noticed translucent particles floating in our water (I'm sure some was ingested). Has anyone heard of this? Whirlpool recommended replacing the filter, I did so, thress times, and I still have the issue. Does anyone have advice on this? I was thinking...
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    amana model SBD21VPSE water not getting past filter

    I have an Amana side by side and the ice maker stopped working and so did the water dispenser in the door. I determined that water was getting to the filter but not past it. I replaced the filter with a by pass plug but still no luck. If I remove the plug and press the lever water will come...
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    FIXED Water Filter Leaking

    Whenever I attempt to use the water dispenser on the refrigerator the filter spills water into the fridge area. I've also turned the ice maker off as well due to the same reason. I replaced the filter but still have this problem. Please advise.