1. B

    Not enough water pressure to move upper spray arm, lower arm moves only a little

    We've noticed poor wash quality on the top rack the last few months and now the lower rack has had similar problems. I watched the machine go through a wash cycle with the door open and there is lots of water getting moved around, but none going up the tube to the top rack and just enough to...
  2. T

    Amana/Maytag Water Filter Noise

    Hello, I just replaced my water filter on my Amana refrigerator and after filling water for a few seconds, it starts making a violent vibrating noise and the flow slows to a trickle. I do not have a bypass valve so I tried putting the old filter back on and it does not make the noise nor slow...
  3. T

    translucent particles in water after filter change

    We have recently changed out filter and noticed translucent particles floating in our water (I'm sure some was ingested). Has anyone heard of this? Whirlpool recommended replacing the filter, I did so, thress times, and I still have the issue. Does anyone have advice on this? I was thinking...
  4. A

    amana model SBD21VPSE water not getting past filter

    I have an Amana side by side and the ice maker stopped working and so did the water dispenser in the door. I determined that water was getting to the filter but not past it. I replaced the filter with a by pass plug but still no luck. If I remove the plug and press the lever water will come...
  5. R

    FIXED Water Filter Leaking

    Whenever I attempt to use the water dispenser on the refrigerator the filter spills water into the fridge area. I've also turned the ice maker off as well due to the same reason. I replaced the filter but still have this problem. Please advise.
  6. P

    [FIXED] Kitchenaid Superba water filter leaking

    Hi, Having some trouble with our Kitchenaid's water filter tubing: 1. I am looking at my filter housing and can see that the 2 tubes that feed into it are dripping water. The drip is coming out right at the connection where the tubes go into the housing. To fix this, do I replace the tubes or...
  7. gburns

    Next-RO The Future of un-bottled Water

    Absolutely unique and one of a kind the new Next-RO Point-of-Use Pure Drinking Water System has lived up to the substantial product claims at I own a NEXT-RO Engine which I use for product demonstrations at our health and wellness store. I have been impressed with the design and...