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    417.43142200 Spin Problems after suspension spring failure

    Problem: after 1 of the two suspension springs broke, washer will not enter fast final spin mode Attempted solutions: - Replaced both springs; washer agitates but does not enter final spin so clothes come out soaking wet - Replaced door lock mechanism; believed faulty door lock could be...
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    Amana NTW4605EW0 final spin not working

    Hello all, First time posting. My Amana Washer (NTW4605EW0) has a couple of issues that are contributing to it not completing a final spin cycle. WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW It has just recently started requiring me to hit the start button between each wash cycle (i.e. start wash, rinse, spin, final...
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    Kenmore Front Loader Doesn't Like to Final Spin

    In short: Changed the tub bearings and shock absorbers. After a handfull of washes- machine stopped reliably going into final spin. Halfing the load will usually get it to go into final spin. (Which was never required before this issue started) Changing the motor control board did not fix the...