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    FGEF3030PFB Frigidaire range smoke and fire

    Was using a stovetop burner when smoke and small flames began coming out the front of the stove around where the clock is. I assume I need a new control board This is my best guess as to what the problem is. Thoughts? This part?
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    ZET1SM3SS GE Monogram Wall Oven Great video of fire - advice needed

    Would love some help determining if this fire is from the relay board assembly or just a bad connector that needs to be replaced. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    AER5630BAW F9E0 Fault: Electrical Fire

    Amana AER5630BAW Electric range. Surface and oven did not produce heat after 20 minutes of use. A chemical like smell was identified, but could not be sourced. The chemical smell may be a result of the smell of cooked food and melted wire blending in the air. Turning off the burners caused the...
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    My GE Profile gas cooktop: several explosions came from knobs today and later an electrical fire

    Model Number: JPG932KED2CC Brand: GE Age: More than 10 years I had to post this somewhere since I've seen no other similar reports anywhere... Today, while cooking on our GE Profile JPG932KED2CC cooktop, I heard and saw two small "explosions" coming from the control knobs of the burner I was...
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    KUDA03CTBS1 High voltage burnout of control board

    Hi all: So I have an oddly burned out control board for my dishwasher. It failed during a wash cycle or right at the end, possibly at pump out, with a complete shutdown (no life in the panel) and a burning smell. My hope was that it was just the bimetal fuse - which is in fact blown - but the...
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    FIXED KUDP01ILWH Burning on heating element tripped something?

    My Kitchenaid dishwasher suffered from the faulty part that was involved in a lawsuit. Luckily ours didn't start a fire but started melting during use while we were home. Kitchenaid paid to replace the board portion. The thermal fuse blew after the warranty period (of course) and it worked...